Dental Cleaning: Primary Dental Care

Dental cleaning is one of the most important preventative procedures one can undergo as far as protecting one’s dental health is concerned. At Primary Dental Care, when it comes to dental cleaning cost, the amount one pays for the service is miniscule when compared to the health benefits one enjoys. But, unfortunately, many people do not undergo this procedure on a regular basis, leaving them open to a variety of dental health problems.


The basic dental cleaning procedure at Primary Dental care involves various steps. Prior to cleaning your teeth, a dental hygienist will examine your mouth, checking for signs of any problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Ex-rays are often taken due to the fact that film can often be used to identify or confirm possible problems that the naked eye can’t quite evaluate.

The actual dental cleaning usually involves three steps. For those who come to Primary Dental Care, the procedure includes the removal of tartar, which is usually done with highly pressurized water and air syringe and dental tools. After all tartar is removed, the second step focuses on the cleaning of the teeth with a highly concentrated detergent that’s applied with a powerful electronic brush. The final part of the process may include the application of fluoride, as this helps to protect your teeth and the surrounding areas of the gums.

Once the dental cleaning is done, the dentist usually checks any notes made by the hygienist and reviews the x-rays. The doctor will also consult directly with the hygienist, and then personally check your teeth, gums, and mouth.

If you need further work, that will be discussed, as will the overall health of your mouth. You may be asked to floss more often or brush more carefully. The dentist will also alert you to any developing gum disease, deterioration of teeth, or any other problems.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, when you weigh dental cleaning cost versus the benefits, it’s apparent that the procedure offers great value. First, it is one of the major ways in which you can keep your gums healthy and detect the early phases of gum disease. As people age, it’s not cavities that are the problem, it’s gum disease, and it can result in the loss of teeth and painful infections that involve high-cost procedures.

Another benefit of dental cleaning is the actual cleaning of the teeth, which involves the removal of bacteria and the whitening of your smile. Thus, there’s a cosmetic enhancement associated with the procedure. Additionally, the thorough screening of your mouth for any possible problem that is part of the basic cleaning process can help detect a potentially dangerous health issue before it becomes serious.

Finally, if fluoride is used after the cleaning, it aids in maintaining overall tooth health, preventing and slowing the growth of bacteria that is responsible for decay and gum disease.

Make an Appointment

If you need a dental cleaning in Garden Grove, CA, visit Primary Dental Care. The cost of dental cleaning, including the checkup, is often covered by dental insurance. How often should you have a cleaning? Every six months is standard, but if you are showing signs of developing gum disease, dentists will often recommend a visit and dental cleaning every four months. It takes less than an hour, and the time is well spent.

For expert and thorough dental cleaning in Garden Grove, CA, contact Primary Dental Care at 714-537-5700 today.