Westminster CA Emergency Dentistry

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? First, you should determine if it's actually an emergency. Sometimes, patients think incidents that might not necessarily be "emergencies" require immediate treatment. Understandably, this is usually because of how these incidents - liked chipped teeth - can impact their appearance. However, many times an incident like a chipped tooth isn't actually an emergency at all, will have no long-lasting impact on your teeth, and can be taken care of as soon as it's convenient for you to schedule an appointment with the dentist.And then we have the real emergencies...

Generally, a true dental emergency will involve one thing: pain. If you've just experienced an impact to your mouth or face and one of your teeth is severely cracked, fractured, or entirely knocked-out - it is important to contact us immediately. However, the pain typical of a dental emergency can also come about from a severe toothache that's lasted for more than a couple days. Severe and prolonged dental pain, is another sign that you should see a dentist ASAP in order to prevent future damage.

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When You Need an Emergency Dentist in Westminster: We're Here

When it comes to emergency dental work, you don't want to wait. That's why we make same-day emergency dental appointments in Westminster a priority. On top of that, our friendly dental team is also focused on making emergency dental care easy, affordable, and committed to comfortable care every step of the way.

In most cases, the first treatment for your dental emergency will simply be focused on treating the pain and ensuring that the damage to your teeth does not continue to get worse. Most dental emergencies will require follow-up treatment to ensure the best possible long-term restoration and protection for your teeth.

What Sets Primary Dental Care Apart for Emergency Dental Work in the Westminster Area

One of the biggest differences between Primary Dental Care and other emergency dentistry providers in the Westminster area is our ability to provide all-in-one emergency dental care. Not only does our dental team bring a wealth of general dentistry knowledge to the table, but our expertise with periodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, and maxillofacial surgery make our team uniquely suited to providing the most comprehensive care available.

Have a Question about Emergency Dentistry in Westminster? We Have Answers

When it comes to dental emergencies, it's not uncommon to be scared or nervous. Above all else, we understand that any damge to your teeth can be distressing. If you're not sure what to do or how to proceed, we're here to help. For more information on how to proceed or whether or not you need an emergency dentist appointment at all, call us today at (714)537-5700 for the answers you need, or to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.