Experiencing a Dental Emergency in Stanton, CA?
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When you're experiencing a dental emergency, the most important thing to remember is that postponing treatment can be both expensive and dangerous. When your tooth is damaged or fractured, there's a chance that a significantly deep crack can give bacteria and infection immediate access to the underlying structure of your tooth. This does not only make further damage to additional teeth likely, it can help lead to even more dental issues in the future, making treatment longer, more difficult, and more expensive. So, if you're having a dental emergency today - don't wait! Get your teeth looked at as soon as possible

Getting Answers about Emergency Dentistry in Stanton, CA
What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Chipped teeth are one of the most common occurences that get people thinking about emergency dentistry. However, a chipped tooth can often be relatively minor. If you've chipped your tooth on a hard piece of food or, perhaps, from biting your nail, there's a good chance you can wait until it's convenient to see your dentist. In most cases, the piece of chipped tooth will be too small to find, and the only real pain or irritation will occur when drinking hot or cold liquids. Many times, the annoyance of a rough-jagged surface when running your tongue across the affected tooth is enough to seek treatment.

However, if you've cracked or fractured your teeth, or you've been trying to ignore pain from a tooth that's potentially infected -- it's important to seek immediate dental care before the treatment goes from being a simple one, to a complex and potentially expensive one.

Why Patients in Stanton Choose Primary Dental Care for Emergency Dentistry

Patients from the Stanton and Orange County area turn to Primary Dental Care for emergency dental work for a few reasons. First, there's our friendly staff. Emergency dentistry is no new service to our team. With that in mind, making you feel comfortable - even when you're worried about your teeth - is something we're no strangers to. On top of this, our team combines years and years of emergency dental experience. But that's not all, our dentists represent some of the Stanton area's most extensive experience when it comes to emergency and cosmetic dentistry for adults and children alike. Combine that with our state of the art dental facility, and you can be sure that the care you get will quickly and comfortably return your teeth to the way they should look and feel.

Having a Dental Emergency Right Now? Follow These Simple Tips

If you're currently having a dental emergency, there are a few easy tips to follow to ensure the least amount of damage and discomfort.

  • First: Try to preserve any broken or damage teeth. If you've lost, fractured, or severely cracked a tooth - attempt to find and preserve any pieces. Put the pieces in a small container with either your own saliva or some milk. Always try to rinse the tooth (or pieces) and the affected area with clean, warm water.
  • Second: Minimize swelling. The next step in the process is to minimize the amount of swelling you're experiencing. To do this, simply apply a cold compress to the affected area. Anything will do, from an ice pack to a pack of frozen peas.
  • Third: Call your dentist. Call us today at (714)537-5700 to determine what kind of treatment you need and how quickly you need it! Call any time of day, and you'll quickly get the answers you need and, if necessary, the same day appointment that ensures your smile continues to be bright, even, and healthy for years to come.
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