Anaheim's Emergency Dentist of Choice

When you're experiencing a dental emergency, it's not uncommon to feel a little worried. At Primary Dental Care we have years of experiencing putting every patient at ease, no matter how severe the emergency. Our dental team combines extensive emergency dental experience with the highest level of care for both adult and children's teeth alike. This makes us one of the few truly comprehensive sources for same-day emergency dental in the Anaheim area. No matter how minor or severe the emergency, when you need a dental emergency addressed quickly, competently, and with a fair price - we're here to help.

Handle Dental Emergencies ASAP

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you're experiencing a dental emergency is that you need to seek treatment quickly. Unlike a muscle strain or bruise, a dental emergency will not get better with time. In fact, it will only lead to further damage and infection. By seeking treatment for a dental emergency as soon as you can, you not only minimize the amount of damage done to your teeth, you also minimize the damage to your wallet as well.

Is a Chipped Tooth a Dental Emergency?

Many times, patients wonder when they should contact their dentist. If you just bit into something hard, only to gently touch your tooth and realize you've chipped it -- chances are you might be able to wait until it's more convenient to see the dentist. In cases like these, when there is no pain and only minimal damage, you can simply visit your dentist as soon as it's convenient. For chipped teeth, your dentist will typically use a simple bond or filler to repair your tooth. If the chip is large enough, there's a chance your dentist can even re-attach the chipped piece. However, when the damage is more severe, you might need to see your dentist sooner. Fortunately, the difference between an emergency that requires immediate care and an emergency you can take care of in a day or two, is fairly simple. Usually it comes down to pain and a higher degree of damage (which is usually quite obvious).

When Dental Emergencies Require Immediate Treatment

  • Your tooth has been severely cracked or fractured:A dental emergency requires immediate attention from a dentist if the crack or fracture is deep enough to break through the crown or expose the inside of your tooth. Needless to say, you should also see your dentist as soon as you can if the entire tooth has been knocked out.
  • You're experiencing a severe toothache: If dental pain is something you've come to know well, take this as a warning that you should see your dentist immediately. Dental pain, especially pain that is severe, prolonged, and virtually unavoidable is a good sign of infection. Not only can dental infection spread to other teeth, it can also lead to serious health complications throughout your body. If your teeth hurt, don't wait. Schedule an emergency dental appointment today.
  • You think your jaw might be broken: If you've suffered a strong impact and think your jaw might be broken, there's a good chance you've already skipped the dentist and gone directly to the emergency room. However, do not forget to notify your dentist, as a broken jaw can definitely impact your dental treatment in the future.

How to Preserve a Broken Tooth

If you've broken a tooth and are waiting to be seen by your dentist, there are a couple ways to ensure your tooth is well preserved and ready to be placed back in your mouth. First, ensure that your mouth and the affected tooth are clean. You can try to place your tooth back into its socket by applying gentle pressure with a piece of medical gauze or a soft, clean cloth. If this is too painful, you can preserve the tooth in a small jar of milk or your own saliva. Do not remove any attached roots or tissue.

When in Doubt: Call Your Dentist: No matter what happens, if you're experiencing a dental emergency of any kind and you're uncertain on how to proceed. You should call (714)537-5700 or email today to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.