Alternatives to Root Canal Therapy Offered by Primary Dental Care

Those who are considering alternatives to root canal therapy who visit Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California, will find that their dentist will carefully explain various options. If you have pain in a specific area of your mouth, swelling, fever, or other symptoms, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible, as this may indicate that you have a serious dental problem or that one is developing.

Meeting with Your Dentist

After your Primary Dental Care dentist examines your problematic tooth, they will discuss your specific situation. Your exam may include x-rays, as pictures will often give your dentist a clearer vision of the condition of your tooth. If the root canal and/or pulp in your tooth are infected, your practitioner will offer insights into what will happen if it is not addressed in a timely manner.

Alternatives to root canal therapy include not addressing the issue and letting the infection run its course, as well as other types of treatment other than root canal work.

What Happens if You Do Nothing

Although you may opt to do noting, of the possible alternatives to root canal therapy are concerned, this is the one choice that is least advised. Doing nothing about the infection, will allow the bacteria to spread to the tip of the root of your tooth. The infection will then enter into your jaw, causing a painful abscess, which will then result in the removal of the tooth and a draining of the abscess.


Of the alternatives to root canal therapy, extraction is the next best choice. Some people decide to have a tooth removed, as this is usually less expensive than having a root canal, which will save the tooth. However, removing a tooth involves various complications.

The space that is left after an extraction leaves room for the remaining teeth to shift, which results in a misaligned bite. Bite problems can become painful, as more stress is put on the jaw. In addition, an extraction makes it more difficult for one to properly clean their teeth.

Those who have an infected tooth removed need to fill the space that’s left with either a dental implant or a bridge. Although these dental appliances will help ensure that your bite remains intact, they are more expensive, time consuming, and labor intensive than a root canal.

Communication is Important

The dentists at Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California, understand that effective communication regarding alternatives to root canal therapy is important. There are various factors involved when someone is making a decision regarding their dental health. When the root canal and/or pulp have been infected, root canal therapy is preferred, as it preserves the original tooth, is less costly, and relatively uncomplicated.

If you are experiencing dental or mouth pain, have questions regarding root canals and/or alternatives to root canal therapy, or require a second opinion on a problem you are experiencing, contact Primary Dental Care at 714-537-5700 for an appointment or to discuss your situation.