Root Canal Procedure at Primary Dental Care

Primary Dental Care provides those in the Garden Grove, California, region with various procedures and treatments, including root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is done when a person has an infected tooth that can be saved. Although there may be other alternatives, such as extracting the tooth, a root canal can rid the tooth of the infection, while preserving the structural integrity of the tooth.

Causes of Infection

When a root canal is performed, it is done due to the fact that the nerve chamber of a tooth or the pulp has become infected. In essence, the infection and bacteria must be removed. This process can take one or more visits.

The causes of infection are various and include deep tooth decay, trauma to the tooth or a chipped tooth. Also, teeth with large fillings and those that have had repeated dental work are susceptible to infection.

Root Canal Process

The process of having root canal therapy involves removing the infection and bacteria and securing the tooth from further infections. In order to do this, the part of the tooth that has been infected, the pulp or the nerve, must be removed.

To ensure that the patient is comfortable, your Primary Dental Care dentist will apply a local anesthetic, which will numb the area. Due to the fact that the work being done on the tooth during a root canal is fairly intensive, a rubber damn is secured in the area. This helps to isolate any debris and the tooth itself.

In order to access and remove the infection, the dentist will make an opening in the top part of the affected tooth. Once this is done, they will clean the area, making it free of the infected material. Your dentists will use root canal files to clean and shape the inside of the canals. This is done to make room for the filling material.

Filling the Canal

Just prior to filling the canal, your dentist will utilize a cleansing solution designed to destroy any remaining bacteria. This solution will be sprayed into the canal. The dentist will then usually fill the canal during the same visit.

Rubber like material and sealer is used to fill the entire length of the canal, protecting and securing the tooth from bacteria. Although the basic root canal procedure is complete at this point, there is still one more important step that must be undertaken in order to preserve the tooth.

Restoring the Tooth

Immediately after the root canal procedure, you may feel some discomfort. An over-the-counter- painkiller may be used. If the pain is more severe, then a prescription painkiller may be used. Also, your dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to ensure that the infection has been eradicated and does not return.

In order to make the tooth fully functional after root canal therapy, a crown or another such device must be applied to the tooth. This tough protective dental device will allow the patient to use the tooth as they had before. Until this permanent solution is administered, the tooth should not be used, as chewing can loosen or destroy the temporary filling.

We Have a Solution

If you are suffering from dental pain, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible, as this may be a sign of an infection. Contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California, at 714-537-5700 for an appointment or if you have questions regarding mouth pain, swelling, or other possible symptoms. Primary Dental Care provides patients with various services, including root canal therapy and alternatives to this procedure.