Porcelain Inlay Benefits from Primary Dental Care

At Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California, many patients opt to have a porcelain inlay installed when they are dealing with a serious cavity situated along the biting surfaces of a tooth. Minor cavities can be taken care of with a simple filling. But when a tooth is in jeopardy and a filling will not stabilize the it, then a porcelain inlay is often recommended.

Why a Porcelain Inlay

If you’re considering an inlay, you may opt for one made of a composite or, instead, a porcelain inlay. Many prefer porcelain for numerous reasons. A porcelain inlay is extremely durable and stain resistant. Plus, it is cosmetically appealing, as it mirrors the look of a natural tooth.

The Process

After examining your tooth and deciding it requires a porcelain inlay, your dentist at Primary Dental Care will clean out the cavity, and then they will make an impression of the area that needs to be filled. That mold will be sent to a laboratory where technicians will custom-make the inlay.

While the inlay is being created, you’ll require that the tooth be stabilized. Your dentist will fill the cavity with a temporary filling. This will stop further decay from developing, keep the cavity clean of debris, and deter the tooth from fracturing. It’s recommended that you don’t chew or in any manner put strain on the tooth with the temporary filling.

Upon your next visit to Primary Dental Care, your dentist will fit the inlay into your tooth. It will then be glued or bonded in place.

After It’s In Place

Once the porcelain inlay has been inserted and anchored it’s recommended that no stress or strain be put on the tooth for a period of at least 24 hours. Some patients will experience pain in the area and can usually find relief by taking an over-the-counter analgesic.

Occasionally, an inlay will become loose. If that occurs, contact Primary Dental Care, immediately and we will make sure that you are seen quickly, and that the porcelain inlay is reattached and stablized.

Maintaining Your Inlay

As it is with any type of repair work that is done on your teeth, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. At Primary Dental Care, we recommend that patients properly brush and floss the area. Plus, attending to what you eat and drink will also help extend the life of your inlay. A porcelain inlay that is properly maintained can last a lifetime.

For More Information

If you would like more information on the benefits that a porcelain inlay may afford you and of the process, please contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California, at 714-537-5700. If you feel as if you have a serious issue with a cavity, are in pain, or are dealing with other worrisome symptoms, please let our receptionist know, and we will expedite your appointment.

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