Porcelain Crown Information from Primary Dental Care

At Primary Dental Care, which is located in Garden Grove, California, we offer various cosmetic services, including the installation of a porcelain crown when one is needed. A crown, which is also known as a cap, is used for various reasons, but its primary intention is to protect your tooth. Crowns allow you to use a tooth that in someway has been damaged, and they help ensure that further damage will not occur.

Damage to Teeth

Over the course of time, your teeth become damaged, some more severely than others, and in such cases, you’ll require that a porcelain crown be installed. Often, the daily use of your teeth and various chewing habits that you may have, such a grinding your teeth, will cause a breakdown in a tooth. The tooth may suffer serious damage.

This is they type of damage that cannot be fixed by a regular filling, as in doing so, you may comprise the integrity of the tooth, with the result being, over time, fracturing, which would result in the need to completely remove the tooth. Decay, damage to the root canal, lost fillings that result in further deterioration, and old crowns that breakdown and must be replaced are occurrences that lead to the installation of a porcelain crown.

How a Cap Works

A porcelain crown is durable, overall stain resistant, and cosmetically appealing, as it has the same appearance as a natural tooth. A crown is designed to fit over an existing tooth and to enable you to use that tooth as you normally would.

Getting A Porcelain Crown

Usually at Primary Dental Care, those who require a porcelain crown can have the entire procedure done in two visits. After your dentist has attended to the problem tooth, which may involve removing decay, performing a root canal, or other such procedures, they will begin to prepare the area for a dental crown.

Preparing the Tooth

After making sure that the tooth is clean of all debris and filled, your dentist will shape what remains of your tooth for the porcelain crown. He will then make an impression of the tooth and place a temporary crown in the area. The temporary crown will protect your tooth while the permanent cap is being made in a dental laboratory. During this time, you want to be careful with how much wear and tear you exposed the temporary crown to, as these are not as durable as a permanent cap.

The Installation

Your second visit to Primary Dental Care involves installing your permanent, custom-made porcelain crown. Often, this is a fairly simple process. As long as the crown fits properly, is shaped correctly, and is the right shade, your dentist will be able to fit it onto the tooth and then permanently affix it. In order for the crown to be completely stable, your dentist will cement it in place. Prior to doing so, they may have to make some adjustments to the area in which the cap will reside

Bigger Adjustments

If your porcelain crown does not fit properly, you’ll dentist will do one of two things. They will make further adjustments to the tooth in order to ensure a proper fit, or they may have to make another impression of the area where the cap will reside and have a second crown made. If this latter instance is the case, then there will be one more visit to Primary Dental Care in order to install the newly designed crown.


For a few days after your porcelain crown is installed, you may feel some discomfort when you chew, mild pain, or sensitivity to temperature alterations. Over-the-counter pain medications can be used in such instances.

If these problems last longer than a few days, or of the crown does not feel like it fits properly, or there is severe pain, contact your dentist immediately. A crown should give you worry- and pain-free protection.

Proper Care

In order to ensure that your crown lasts for years to come, Primary Dental Care recommends that you practice proper oral hygiene and take care of the area as you would your natural teeth. Daily brushing, flossing, and use of an antibacterial mouthwash are all recommended.

If you would like more information on how a custom-made, permanent porcelain crown may benefit you, or you would like to make an appointment, contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California at 714-537-5700.