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If you require an oral surgeon in Snata Ana, Primary Dental Care offers the finest care from the finest in oral surgery. We serve the Orange County area, including Anaheim and Westminster, providing skilled, state-of-the-art extraction methods for wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, and other conditions. For example, an oral surgeon can also utilize their skills to repair and alleviate obstructed sleep apnea, damage done by accidents, or facial pain. They are also used if oral cancer may be suspected or when a biopsy or removal of a lesion, tumor or other tissue of the mouth or jaw is in order.

An Oral Surgeon is a Dentist

Some people get confused regarding oral surgeons, wondering if they are really dentist? An oral surgeon is someone who first trained in general dentistry and then completed four to six years of surgical residencies. In essence, the oral surgeon is a specialist.

When you visit a oral surgeon at Primary Dental Care, you’ll be in the hands of someone who has years or training and experience. In their area of specialty, an oral surgeon’s training includes diagnostic techniques in relationship to oral injuries, defects and diseases of the mouth, jaw, and teeth. They also focus on soft tissue areas, such as the gums and neck. An oral surgeon is also a specialist in the surgical treatment of any dental problems in these areas, and they possess extensive knowledge of anesthesiology.

Visiting an Oral Surgeon

Most people visit an oral surgeon following an appointment with and a referral from their family dentist. Your family dentist is an important link between you and your oral surgeon, as in their referral they will outline the source of your problem and the reason for your visit. Additionally, both doctors will communicate regarding your condition, following up on any recommended treatment and procedures that were carried out.

If you are considering visiting an oral surgeon at Primary Dental Care, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. At Garden Grove Dental Arts we provide oral surgery services to those in the greater Orange County area, including Anaheim. Santa Ana, Westminster, and Garden Grove.

Purpose of Extractions

There are usually three primary reasons as to why someone requires an oral surgeon to perform an extraction. As mentioned, wisdom teeth are often extracted due to the fact that they often cause problems for a person when they start to make themselves known in the teen years. Many times there’s not enough room in the jaw for four new teeth, and the wisdom teeth need to be pulled.

Another reason a patient seeks out an oral surgeon is to have an impacted tooth removed. An impacted tooth is one that is infected and sometimes it has to be removed, and the expertise of an oral surgeon is required to do it correctly and safely. Extractions may also be related to accidents or injuries in the facial area.


Also, at times, orthodontists will recommend patients to an oral surgeon prior to performing certain procedures, as tooth extraction may be needed to repair problems related to the proper alignment of teeth, a problem with the jaw or lips properly closing, or a facial imbalance due to one’s jaw and teeth being misaligned.

Extraction Procedure

The basic extraction procedure includes the application of an anesthetic so the patient feels no pain. At times, sedation will be recommended, depending upon the type of extraction and the complexity of the procedure. Once the patient is anesthetized, the oral surgeon will use special tools, which are placed between the tooth and gum that surrounds the tooth. Within its socket, the tooth is moved back and forth by the doctor; this allows it to eventually separate from the ligament that keeps it anchored in the socket. There are times when the doctor will utilize a saw to break a tooth into pieces, making it easier to extract.

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When you visit with a Garden Grove oral surgeon, you’ll find the doctor to be a good communicator in everyway, listening and answering your questions, explaining choices and procedures, and making sure that you have a solid understanding of any surgical procedure you may elect to undergo. If you reside in Orange Country, including the principalities of Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Anaheim, or Westminster, you’ll find Primary Dental Care easy to access, the doctors and staff pleasant, professional, and helpful, and the services first-rate.

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