Treatment by a Local Dentist: Primary Dental Care

Looking for a local dentist in Garden Grove? Primary Dental Care has more than one professional, experienced, and skilled local dentist. In fact, all of our dentists are local and in everyway the best in their field. The foundation of our practice is community and our focus is on family dentistry. We are about being a part of and connected to the community, which means it’s likely your read about a Primary Dental Care local dentist in Garden Grove news coverage of community happenings.

Family Dentistry

At Primary Dental Care, we are an all-inclusive family dentistry practice. We enjoy providing dental services to mothers, fathers, kids, and all other family members. We’re dedicated to the good dental health of each of our patients and to providing them with premium, personalized service. If you want topnotch service from someone who is part of the community, from a local dentist that’s found in the Garden Grove news, then Primary Dental Care offers that community connection.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is very popular at Primary Dental Care. Cosmetic dentistry offers various services that are focused on making your smile extra attractive. We use veneers to make the faces of your teeth look perfect, crowns to smooth the tops of teeth, and bonding to seal gaps. Plus, our teeth whitening technology can increase the brightness of your smiling face by seven-fold.

Teeth whitening is fast and easy at Primary Dental Care. After a thorough dental exam by an experienced local dentist, where the practitioner determines if you are a good candidate for this popular process, once approved, you may elect to undergo teeth whitening.

In starting the whitening, first, your gums and the area where your teeth meet your gums are sealed to protect them, and then the whitening agent is placed on your teeth. The process is accelerated through the use of a power-light, which utilizes light energy to speed up the whitening; the light reduces the actual whitening procedure to one-half hour.

The reason why we seal those sensitive areas first is because the cleaning agent is really a type of bleach that can give you chemical burns. At Primary Dental Care, each local dentist follows the strictest safety procedures, protecting you from such burns.

Oral Surgery

If you require oral surgery for impacted or troublesome wisdom teeth, an infected tooth, or to begin to repair the destructive effects of an accident, then a local dentist whose specialty is oral surgery will help ensure that you have a positive outcome. At Primary Dental Care, our skilled and experienced surgeons use the latest technology and the latest techniques.

Here for You

Each local dentist at Primary Dental Care is here for you. All of our dental practitioners are focused on serving the community. Each is, in essence, a local dentist with Garden Grove news potential that keeps them linked to our local community. At Primary Dental Care, every one of our staff members, dentists, and hygienists, are dedicated to first class service.

Contact Primary Dental Care to arrange an appointment with a local dentist at 714-537-5700.