Are We the Best Children's Dentist in Fountain Valley?
We like to think so!

Finding the best pediatric dentist for your children isn't always easy. So what does it entail? Is it access to advanced dental equipment? Is it years of experience with teeth of every shape and size? Or is it fast and immediate access to the variety of dental specialists needed to know , no matter what happens, your child is in good hands. In reality, it's all of these things. But it's also quite a bit more. In fact, when it comes to your kids the most important quality in the best children's dentist doesn't come down to equipment, specialty, and experience alone. Many times, it all comes down to comfort..

Our Goal: A Comfortable Experience for Every Child

That's right, comfort. The dentist's office isn't always a happy place for children. At Primary Dental Care, we aim to change that. Why? Because when your child is comfortable in the dentist's chair, they're ready to learn, and learning how to keep their "baby" teeth healthy is the first and most important step in getting and keeping healthy adult teeth.

But It isn't all about teaching a lesson to your child, the same goes for parents as well. In all of our years of experience with pediatric dentistry in Fountain Valley, we've learned that parents are equally essential when it comes to healthy, long-lasting teeth. That's why we encourage every parent to play an active role in their child's oral hygiene. From brushing with them to encouraging eating habits that lead to healthy teeth. For this reason, we strive to make every visit, for every child an enjoyable one, regardless of age, language, or background.

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What Makes Primary Dental Care Different
Why parents in Fountain Valley Choose Us as a Children's Dentist

Need we say more? From comprehensive care to the friendly demeanor it takes to make the dentist's chair a safe and comfortable place, the wide variety of dental services we offer in Fountain Valley make us the provider of choice for kids aged 1-18 (and adults too!) Those services include: General dentistry for kids, pediatric orthodontics, Invisalign for kids, emergency dentistry for kids, and more...

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