In Office Teeth Whitening at Primary Dental Care

In Office Teeth Whitening at Primary Dental Care

In office teeth whitening, which is offered at Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California, is the quickest and most effective whitening process available. It takes just a few hours and provides patients with immediate results. In office teeth whitening is safe, effective, and, of all possible bleaching services, convenient.

Why Teeth Discolor

In office teeth whitening, which is the most popular, cosmetic dentistry service performed in-house at Primary Dental Care, is used to remove unsightly stains from teeth. Teeth become discolored for many different reasons, with the primary one being that staining is a normal part of the aging process. It may be enhanced or accelerated by eating certain foods, drinking specific beverages, and smoking. Plus, certain prescription and over-the-counter medicines will tarnish teeth.

The stains may be grey, yellow, or brown, and when straining occurs the brightness of person’s smile is greatly diminished. Although there are many different ways to address the issue, many people prefer teeth bleaching which is performed in a dentist’s office.

In Office Whitening

When you go to Primary Dental Care for in office teeth whitening you will first have your teeth checked. Prior to bleaching, your teeth must be free of plaque. Once all plaque has been removed, the dentist will apply a protective layer of cream to your lips to keep them moist and, also, your gums will be covered in order to protect them.

He can then begin applying the whitening agent. The agent is a gel is composed of a concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Once the whitening agent is applied, the dentist employs a very intense light or laser, which is focused on your teeth. The light helps to quicken the whitening process.

Usually, optimum results with in office teeth whitening can be achieved in one visit over the course of one to two hours. One of the aspects of this process that patients find to be exciting is that unlike home methods, they see results almost immediately.

Making It Last

How long your in office teeth whitening will last depends on a few factors. These include how attentive you are in brushing and flossing and the composition of your diet, as drinks such as tea, coffee, and red wine, and various foods can hasten the reoccurrence of staining. For some, the results will last years, while for others it may be a few months.

Make Your Smile Brighter

You can make your smile brighter practically instantly by utilizing the in office teeth whitening services at Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California. We’ll be able to provide you with premium services that will yield the best possible results. After the process is complete, your smile will be more beautiful, you’ll possess more confidence, and you will look radiant.

For more information on in office teeth whitening and other cosmetic services designed to enliven your smile or to set up an appointment with a Primary Dental Care dentist, call us at 714-537-5700.