In Office Cleaning at Primary Dental Care

At Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California, we emphasize preventative care as the key to good dental health. The realm of preventative care includes in office cleaning every six-months, and brushing, and using an antibacterial mouthwash each day. Although daily dental hygiene is very important to your wellbeing, there is no substitute for the effect that a thorough in office cleaning can have.

The Cleaning

At Primary Dental Care, we offer our patients a complete in office cleaning. After your cleaning, your mouth will feel refreshed, and your teeth will glisten. More importantly, the cleaning will remove harmful plaque from you teeth. Your dental hygienist will clean the front surfaces, tops, and inside areas of your teeth. They will also work to get tartar out of your gum area. Gentle but effective, an in office cleaning can be a major factor in attaining and maintaining good dental health.

A fluoride treatment is the final step for those who enjoy an in office cleaning. Fluoride is essential in preventing the build up of plaque, protecting the enamel layer of your teeth, and in helping to avert cavities.

Your Exam

Although you may have a cleaning without a dental exam, it makes sense to do both at the same time. In an hour or less, you can have your dental health evaluated, and your teeth free of harmful plaque and trapped food debris and treated with cavity-preventing fluoride. X-rays may also be taken at this time. Whether or not x-rays are recommended, depends upon the last time you had them taken, and if your dentist has any special concerns or questions regarding your dental health.

Your exam will include a visual inspection of the outside of your throat, neck, lips, and face, as well as an assessment of the inside of your mouth, including your tongue, teeth, and gums. The examination will reach back into the regions of your mouth that are the hardest to access. The dental hygienist will notate any possible problems, and your Primary Dental Care dentist will review all notes and x-rays, check your mouth for any cavities or other possible problems, and discuss the condition of your teeth, gums, and the other areas of your mouth.

After Your Cleaning

When your cleaning is complete, you have a responsibility to maintain it. It’s not difficult to do, but despite this fact, many people don’t take the time to ensure they get the maximum benefit from their Primary Dental Care in office cleaning. Three simple activities, done on a daily basis, are needed. These are brushing after every meal, flossing at least once a day, and using an antibacterial mouthwash on a daily basis. These are key to dental health.

Making an Appointment

Making an appointment for an in house cleaning is easy at Primary Dental Care. To schedule a visit, simply call our Garden Grove, California, office at 714-537-5700. We’ll not only be glad to set it up for you, but, also, to answer any questions you may have. Primary Dental Care offers a full range of family dental services, including cleaning and exams, cosmetic and restorative treatments, and fillings.