The Implant for Denture Process at Primary Dental Care

Although often dentures can be made that will fit properly using standard methods, Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California offers the implementation of an implant for denture process. Using the implant for denture process can help to stabilize the denture, offering patients a much more secure fit.

Why Implant Dentures?

Implants are used for various types of dental procedures, including crowns and bridges. Sometimes it is necessary for someone to utilize an implant for denture procedure. The reasons are various for this. As we age, our jawbone shrinks, and this natural process can cause problems for denture wearers, who require a solid, stable fit in order to be able to chew in pain-free comfort.

Smoking also causes our jawbones to shrink, as do certain medical conditions such as diabetes. If you already have dentures, chewing pressure can result in a change in your jaw, and dentures that once fit fine, don’t anymore.

Implant Technology

At Primary Dental Care, we utilize the latest technology, which allows for the use of the implant for denture process. Using the technology of implants can offer wearers comfort and worry free use of their dentures. Implants, which are made from durable materials such as titanium, serve the same purpose as natural tooth roots. These manmade roots then anchor the denture in place.

The implant process does take time, as the jawbone must be properly prepared to ensure that once everything is in place the devices designed to stabilize your dentures will function properly.

First Step

An implant for denture procedure begins with an examination and includes the patient carefully filling out a medical questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask for important information that we need to know about your habits, medication, or medical conditions that can affect the effectiveness and safety of the procedure.

Once your Primary Dental Care dentist has apprised himself of your information and has performed an examination of your mouth, he will discuss with you the possibility that implant dentures could be a viable alternative for you.

The first step in the procedure involves installing the implants. Once installed, it takes from three to six months for the implants to fuse with the jawbone and to be strong and stable enough for the second step. An extension, also known as a post, may also be installed at this time, or your dentist may wait and put the devices in during your next visit.

Second Step

Once your implants have properly adhered to your jawbone, and your mouth has healed, your dentist will take an impression of the areas where your dentures will reside. This will be sent to a dental laboratory, where they will create your dentures. The final step of the implant for denture process involves properly fitting your dentures.

Third Step


Your final visit focuses on the placement of your dentures and any adjustments that need to be made in order to ensure that the devices function correctly and feel confortable. This third step is usually fairly simple.

Possible Problems

Although the implant for denture procedure often solves challenges associated with ill-fitting dentures, there are times when problems can arise with the implants. This is due to various reasons, including the fact that often implants don’t fuse properly, which means they will not be attached to the jaw.

Other problems, which are rare, occur when implants break, the integrity of the denture is compromised, or a patient’s mouth becomes infected during the process. Also, the back area of the upper jaw may require an additional procedure. This procedure, which is a sinus lifting, is done when the back area needs to be strengthened in order to create an environment that will properly support the implant for denture process.

Contact Us

A dentist at Primary Dental Care at in Garden Grove, California will be happy to discuss our implant for denture process with you. If you are having problems with your present dentures or have never had dentures and are in need of them, contact us. We will explain the various methods that exist for providing a stable environment for your dentures. Contact Primary Dental Care at 714-537-5700.