Immediate Dentures from Primary Dental Care

In a recent survey, dentists confirmed that Gum (periodontal) disease was the single number one reason for tooth loss in the United States, and a one of the top factors in tooth loss world-wide. In total, there are several possible reasons for loss of teeth, including but not limited to: accident or injury, dental caries (decay), infection, diabetes, smoking and age. The study also found that men were at significantly higher risk to lose their than women were.

What you can do about tooth loss

If you have already lost all your teeth, or you and a dentist have decided that immediate extraction of the remaining teeth is the best option, an Immediate Denture may be the next step. As the name implies, an Immediate Denture is a denture that is worn immediately after the last tooth has been removed. This is done so that a patient can quickly adjust to their new prosthetic.

How the process works

After clearing any remaining teeth, the dentist will begin the process by making a model of your mouth. Then they will take impressions of both the upper and lower arches and establish a bite that is most similar to your original bite pattern. Once this mold has been created, you and your dentist will work together to select the size, shape and color of both your teeth and gums. This insures a proper match since every mouth is unique.

These impressions are then shipped to a laboratory where the final molds are created. Once finished, the dentist will ask you to come in for another visit. This visit is important because your tooth-care professional will test the bite, speech, fit, appearance and general functionality of the Immediate Denture. Occasionally it will take more than one visit to make sure that the comfort and usability are ideal.When the fitting process is complete, the impressions will then be shipped back to the laboratory for final fabrication.

The Final Steps

When the impressions are finished, the dentist will schedule an appointment. At this time, he or she will remove any final teeth before installing the Immediate Denture. Since dentures are artificial prosthetics, it is important to remember that sometimes it will take a few steps to get the perfect fit and functionality. After the final tooth extraction, the gums will swell up and shrink again, this means that it will take a few adjustments to get the right contours and adjustments made to the mouth piece.


It is important to remember that getting adjusted to your dentures is a process! It takes months for your gums to finally stop shrinking, at which point it will become necessary to rebase or reline the dentures.

Even after the correct fit has been achieved it still takes most people many weeks to start to achieve familiarity with their denture. An Immediate Denture is an oral prosthetic, so it will not have quite the same chewing pattern, power, or efficiency or your original teeth. An Immediate Denture will also alter your speech. For most people it takes some adjustment before they are able to regain their normal rhythm of conversation.

The Summary

For many people that have lost all, or some of their teeth, an Immediate Denture is the best option. Immediate Dentures are customizable and will allow a patient to live a normal life. It is important that those considering Immediate Dentures realize it will take some adjustment to get used to the new appliances in their mouths, but once they do, they can enjoy almost all the same foods and activities they did with their real teeth.

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