Family Dentistry in Garden Grove: Primary Dental Care

Our Goal: Making Smiles Every Day

If you're looking for a family dentist you'll enjoy visiting for years to come, you've come to the right place. That's right, a dentist's office you'll actually enjoy visiting! Here at Primary Dental Care of Garden Grove, Dr. Marianna Ibrahim is dedicated to making every patient feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for. At PDC of Garden Grove, we strive to combine a warm, friendly atmosphere with a level of care and affordability that you won't find anywhere else. To accomplish this, we bring together a team of dentists and hygienists with experience in every facet of dentistry, modern equipment, and flexible financing that makes good dental care a reality -- whether you have dental insurance or not.

Are you looking for a new dentist? Our family is here to serve yours with the best care around. Make an Appointment Today or Contact Us if you have any questions.

Looking for a family dentist in Garden Grove? Here's what makes Primary Dental Care of Garden Grove a Great Choice:

  • Dentists in Garden Grove trained for pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry
  • Same day appointments
  • A preferred Invisalign Provider in the Garden Grove area
  • Flexible financing
  • Easy online appointment scheduling

A full range of services

We employ a dedicated team of dentists who bring together all of the skill and expertise needed for all of your dental needs. From pediatric to emergency, we've got you covered. Our services range from checkups, cleaning, and cosmetic procedures, to preventive dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontics, and more. Whether you need us for a scheduled appointment or for an immediate dental emergency, we're here and we're dedicated to seeing you as soon as possible. Our entire approach is focused on meeting your family's dental needs.

Save Teeth and Save Money with Flexible Financing

Offering the highest level of care available is important to us. Part of that means offering care that our customers can afford. Too often, patients across the country put off critical dental care for fear of not being able to pay for it. At Primary Dental Care, we're interested in your health first. Flexible financing means you can get the preventative dental care you need to keep your teeth, instead of putting off care until "later" and doing more damage in the process. For us, it's just a part of living up to our name. Because we Care

Education and Prevention: Saving You Time and Money

Let's face it! We'd rather see you for a simple, routine cleaning than for more serious procedure any day. With this in mind, a primary focus for our family dental practice is patient education and dental problem prevention. We're devoted to educating everyone from children to adults in the best and most effective ways to maintain a healthy mouth and a bright smile. From teaching your children about the benefits of effective brushing and flossing to informing your family about common dental pitfalls, education is where we begin with every patient. Whether it's walking your child through a good daily routine, to demonstrating the use of corrective measures to prevent more serious conditions from developing, our dentists are constantly focused on providing our patients with the resources and knowledge that make a healthy smile easy for life. For every patient, cavity prevention, gum health, and oral disease deterrence are essential aspects of our family dentistry practice. Not only does this make every appointment a simple and painless one, it's also the type of education that helps our patients actively save money by preventing problems from developing.

Here to Be Your Dentist, For Years to Come

At Primary Dental Care, every family dentist at our Garden Grove practice is dedicated to making smiles everyday. Whether you only need a dentist for yourself, or you're hoping to find a dentist that will watch over your family's dental health for years to come, you'ce come to the right place. Do you have questions? We have answers! Please don't hesitate to contact Primary Dental Care of Garden Grove today to learn more about our practice.