Information on Implants for Dentures at Primary Dental Care

Information on Implants for Dentures.

Millions of people around the world have lost some, or a majority of their teeth. According to several estimates, nearly twenty-five percent of all Americans aged sixty or over have lost all of their teeth. The common solution for this problem in dentures. Dentures are artificial tooth-replacements that are generally made of metal and covered in a porcelain coating. While dentists go to great lengths to insure the proper fit of dentures, factors like: aging, smoking, and other diseases can change the shape of the jaw and consequently make it difficult to consistently achieve an ideal fit.

The jaw bone naturally shrinks as we age.

To combat this problem, there is an exciting new procedure that has rapidly grown in popularity. Dental implant surgery is performed more than two million times a year, this is a number that has nearly tripled over the last decade. In addition, these procedures regularly rank among the highest in terms of customer satisfaction for nearly all dental procedures.

How it works

If you and your dentist decide that denture implants are the correct path, then the first step will be to determine the placement of the implants. Implants generally take the place of one or more teeth and are made out of titanium or other materials designed to work well in the human mouth. They act as artificial replacements for teeth roots and will hold the dentures in place.

In the first phase of treatment the dentist will select the proper area where he or she will place the implants directly into your jawbone. After the initial procedure, it generally takes several months for the implant to fuse with the existing bone structure. Once these implants have fused and healed, the dentist will then insert extensions. These extensions, or posts, will connect and anchor the dentures

The Next Steps

On your second or third visit, the dentist will then make an impression of your mouth. This impression will be sent to a lab for final finishing and when it comes back it will be used to create your new dentures. When this prosthesis has been completed, the dentist will attach it to the implants and ensure that the fit is proper.

Important to Note!

Before you consult with a dentist about the possibility of dental implants, it is important to know a few things. The first is, what medications are you being taking? This way the dentist can avoid any possible conflicts with existing prescriptions, especially blood thinners and diphosphates. Another important piece of information that your dental professional will want to know is if you have any pre-existing conditions or metal implants. Make sure to be honest and thorough in your screening for dental surgery.

The Verdict

Millions and millions of Americans each year are switching away from traditional dentures in favor of dental implants. These dental implants are far better fitting and more long lasting than the old variety. With a few simple procedures, your dentist can find the perfect solution for your smile!

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