Dental Filling Materials Offered by Primary Dental Care

Primary Dental Care provides patients with choice when it comes to dental filling materials. Whatever type of material is used in your filling you can be confident that it will do the job. There are various reasons as to why one would choose one type of filling over another. Here’s a consideration of three different common dental filling materials.

Amalgam Filling

Amalgam fillings have a silver coloring due to the fact that they are comprised of a combination of different metals, such powdered tin, silver, and copper that is mixed with liquid mercury. Dentists have used this type of filling for over 150 years. They are often referred to as silver fillings due to their shinny, metal tint.

As far as dental filling materials are concerned, amalgam fillings are useful in filling spaces left by smaller cavities. They offer a good amount of durability, usually lasting for decades. However, they can discolor, plus some people are less inclined to use them due to the fact that they contain mercury and other metals. Also, such fillings can increase one’s sensitivity to cold foods and drinks. This sensitivity may last a few days or much longer.

Composite Filling

The dental filling materials used in composite fillings are quite different than those in amalgams, and they render a much different look too. Composites are made from a combination of glass and plastic particles. The color of these fillings closely resembles the color of your natural teeth. Along with being cosmetically appealing, composites are very durable, and they readily bond to your teeth.

At Primary Dental Care, we find that many people prefer composite fillings rather than the amalgam fillings for the positive attributes listed above. Plus, they do not influence tooth sensitivity in the manner that amalgams do.

Porcelain Inlay Filling

For those who require that a large cavity be successfully filled and stabilized there are porcelain inlay fillings. These custom fit fillings are extremely durable, and they are easily anchored in the cavity area using a bonding agent or glue. Like composite fillings, the dental filling materials in porcelain inlays imitate the look of enamel.

Dentist’s Recommendation

When you see your Primary Dental Care dentist you’ll be able to discuss the various dental filling materials used in each type of filling, and their various benefits and possible negative aspects. Each type of filling meets prescribed standards and offers patient’s years upon years of wear. Sometimes you’ll have a choice as to what type of material that can be used, but other times, you’ll need to use a prescribed filling, as you would utilize a porcelain inlay filling if you were dealing with a deep cavity.

Call on Our Knowledge and Experience

If you have questions or concerns regarding dental filling materials, contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, Florida, at 714-537-5700. We will gladly answer your questions concerning fillings and the procedures involving such. If you require an appointment for an exam, a filling, a cleaning, or any other dental procedure, we will schedule it promptly. Primary Dental Care provides all of its patients with choice in relationship to their treatment.