Deep Cleaning at Primary Dental Care

Deep cleaning, which is also known as root scaling and planning, is a specific, specialized process offered at Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California. Deep cleaning is used to treat periodontal disease. This is a highly effective process, which can be a major benefit to those who are suffering from what can be a very serious condition.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease begins slowly and often unnoticed by the common laymen, as plaque develops around the teeth. Left untreated, plaque will remain on your teeth, including near the base of each tooth. Plaque develops when certain types of bacteria interact with carbohydrates and sugars. Once in place, when plaque combines with saliva a new, more pernicious substance is created. That substance is known as tartar.

As the tartar becomes imbedded in the gum area near the roots of your teeth, it releases a very strong toxin. This toxin will infect and inflame the gums. Eventually, the toxins can cause bone and tooth loss. Once the bone is destroyed, it cannot grow back. That means it’s very important to stop tartar before it becomes entrenched and does permanent damage. Deep cleaning is often the solution to this problem. As the term deep cleaning implies, this type of cleaning, unlike the regular dental cleaning process, reaches down into the gums.

How Deep Cleaning Works

Deep cleaning at Primary Dental Care can be a major factor in saving your teeth. The root scaling and planing process removes tartar from your teeth and their roots. The procedure, which is performed by either a dentist or hygienist, can take two or more visits to complete. How many visits are needed depends upon how serious your tartar buildup is and the manner in which your dentist plans out the process.

In order to ensure you deep cleaning is pain-free, your dentist will often use a local anesthetic, which will numb the region that is undergoing thecleaning. When you are given a deep cleaning at Primary Dental Care it may be performed manually or with the aid of a device called a Cavitron. Depending on the condition of your gums and the amount and location of the tartar, your dentist may elect to utilize both methods in order to ensure best results.

What It Does

Deep cleaning loosens and removes plaque and tartar. Your dentist may also elect to use an antibacterial fluid or local antibiotics to destroy bacteria around the gums. As a result of the process, you may experience gum bleeding and/or irritation, gum swelling and inflammation, and sensitivity and/or discomfort around and along your teeth. Also, some people will have an allergic reaction to some of the substances used in deep cleaning.

Professional Dental Services

Deep cleaning is just one of many professional dental services offered by Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California. Other highly specialized services, including bone grafting, crown lengthening, and inlays, are offered. We also provide patients with a range of cosmetic dentistry services, including veneers, crowns, and in office bleaching. Primary Dental Care is a complete family dentistry practice. If you have questions regarding our dental practice or would like to make an appointment, please call us at 714-537-5700.