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Choosing a dentist for your child doesnít have to be hard. But itís understandable that you have concerns. At Primary Dental Care of Garden Grove, our first priority is your comfort -- to know that every one of your childís teeth is in good hands, and that a trip to the dentist will be met with smiles, not tears.

Our entire dental team is dedicated to serving Orange County with incredible dental care that provides your child with the foundation they need, for a lifetime of good habits and great teeth. From infants to adolescents, when Stanton needs a dentist - weíre only a short drive away.

Meet Stantonís Choice for Pediatric Dentistry

For many years, Dr. Marianna Ibrahim and the entire dental team at Primary Dental Care have remained dedicated to offering the highest level of pediatric dental care available in the Orange County area. With years of experience creating a friendly and comfortable environment for children and the latest knowledge and technology available, we are confident that you and your family have just found the dentist youíve been looking for.

The Answers and Care You Need

When it comes to your childís teeth, itís only natural that you have questions. At Primary Dental Care, we get it, and we answer every question with the enthusiasm, support, and attentiveness that you would expect.

  • When should my child have their first dentist appointment?: Your child should see Dr. Ibrahim - at the latest - 6 months after their first tooth has broken through the surface of their gums (otherwise known as erupting).
  • How should I care for infant teeth?: Start early! Begin cleaning your childís mouth before their teeth even come in. Wipe their gums after each feeding with a warm washcloth or a damp piece of sterile gauze.
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  • How should I prevent tooth decay while nursing?: Preventing tooth decay while nursing doesnít have to be hard. First, avoid nursing your child to sleep, while also avoiding anything but water in their bottle when theyíre going to bed.
  • Are thumsucking and pacifiers bad for my childís teeth?: You donít need to completely avoid pacifiers or avoid a thumbsucking habit. However, if either habit goes on for a long time they can certainly cause problems with your childís bite. Dr. Ibrahim is experienced when it comes to encouraging children to give up these habits for better, healthier smiles
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