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What to do about food stuck in teeth for extended period?


So, a popcorn kernel got stuck between your teeth or lodged in your gums. It isn’t what you’d hoped for when you dug into that bowl of popcorn, it sure isn’t comfortable, and it might seem like a pretty simple and innocent situation – but it’s actually one you need to deal with for a couple different reasons.

If you have a corn husk – or any piece of food – stuck between your teeth, you’ll want to get it out safely within a reasonable time-frame.  As the food breaks down, you’re not the only one feeding on it – the bacteria in your mouth does too. That includes the bacteria that causes dental decay and cavities.

When the food gets stuck under your gums – the situation is a little different. Not only is it a problem for your gums, but it’s a problem for your teeth too. In addition to contributing to decay and cavities – a piece of food or debris (tssk tssk nailbiters) can also cause inflammation in your gums.  Unfortunately, when your gums are inflamed – it’s also often the first step on the road to other, more serious gum problems.

So no matter what – you understand it’s important to get a stuck piece of food or debris out of your teeth or gums. But you should also understand that you need to do it safely. And if you can’t do it safely, then the best option is just to wait.

So, how should you get that stuck piece of food out? You should start with floss. Rinsing or flossing should always be your first step. Always be very careful about tooth picks. If flossing doesn’t seem to work – gently running a toothpick around your gumline can sometimes do the trick.

In the rare case that you can’t get the stuck food or debris out, the next thought in your mind might be: “I may need to find a dentist near me” now. And you would be right. It’s not a terrible emergency, but if you’ve been dealing with something stuck for an extended period of time – your dentist has the skill, equipment, and expertise to get it out and assess whether there’s an infection or not.


Dental Pain During Pregnancy: Why it Happens and What You Can Do

Sore and irritated teeth and gums are a common side effect of pregnancy. Learn what to do to make your pregnancy easier.

Sore and irritated teeth and gums are a common side effect of pregnancy. Learn what to do to make your pregnancy easier.

Generally, pregnancy tends to send you searching for a few different things. From the baby books and clothing to the “mom-to-be” focused nutrition and exercise classes.

Apart from doing all of this to ensure a better, healthier life for your baby, it also comes down to one simple all-important factor: comfort.

When it comes to being pregnant, discomfort is – unfortunately – a fact of life. Nobody ever said it was easy, and there are hundreds (if not thousands) of products out there to make it just a little easier. But one of the areas of discomfort that pregnant patients frequently fail to account for is their teeth.

But don’t let sensitive teeth during pregnancy scare you into frantically working to find a dentist nearby. The condition is entirely normal, and not uncommon.

Why does pregnancy cause sensitive teeth?

Your Hormones

As anyone who’s taken a high-school science class could tell you, pregnancy causes a spike in hormones. Because of this, the hormones in your body can actually alter how your body reacts to bacteria in your body – including the bacteria inside your mouth. This can often lead to sore gums, sore teeth, and periodontal infection.

Increased Blood flow to your body’s systems

When you’re pregnant, your body goes into overdrive to support not one living-body, but two. The end result of this is an increase in blood flow throughout your entire body.  Sometimes, a result of this can be swollen and sensitive gums that will often also be tender when you touch them (or when a piece of sharp food pokes them). If you’ve never experienced this sort of sensitivity, it can be jarring at first, and will often be triggered by hot or cold foods.

Gum Disease

Many pregnant women might not realize that pregnancy makes you much more likely to fall victim to gum disease.

What You Can Do About It

Although pregnancy can limit some of the medicinal intervention often used to treat sore teeth and gums, with some extra care and attention, you can keep your smile healthy during your prenatal nine months. Maintaining all the great hygiene habits you’ve used up to this point will keep you healthy and pain-free, so don’t forget to give your mouth a little TLC, too. Here are four things you can do for your sensitive teeth during pregnancy:

Tell your dentist you’re pregnant

If you’re pregnant, don’t let it be an excuse to forego your regular dentist appointment. In fact, you should probably make a point to tell your dentist that you’re pregnant so he or she can take the precautions necessary to prevent any issues moving forward and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Use a softer toothbrush

Increased sensitivity means that you need to be extra sure to baby your gums. If you’ve never experienced sensitivity before, using a soft bristled toothbrush can help.


Curb the craving for sweets

Increased sensitivity to bacteria means that the pregnancy cravings that introduce more and more sugar into your body could be doing more harm than good.  While you may be craving sweets, remember that sugar actively feeds bacteria. This contributes to sore and sensitive teeth, as well as cavities. However, we understand that it’s incredibly hard to ignore those cravings sometimes. So, if you must – be sure to brush afterwards.

Curious about what to do after your baby is born? Primary Dental Care of Garden Grove offers caring and comprehensive pediatric dental care. If you’re searching for a dentist in Garden Grove, CA experienced with infant and pediatric care, contact us today to learn more, or read some of our other blog posts about infant dental care:

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Mouthwash: the Forgotten Hero of the Oral Hygiene Routine

In our family dental practice in Garden Grove, we tend to answer a lot of questions. We love answering questions, because it means that patients are learning to take better care of their teeth. And as we always say, home-care is the best care.

If you were to poll a large group of people by asking the question, “What do you include in a basic oral hygiene routine.” You’d probably hear the word “brush” over and over again, followed by “floss” (and a number of groans.) First, we’ll address the groans you’ll inevitably hear after “flossing” comes up. Let’s just settle it, once and for all, that flossing is easy and there’s no excuse not to floss at least a few times a week. But the point of today’s post is not flossing, it’s the unsung hero of your bathroom: mouthwash. For thousands of years, mouthwash has been an important part of many oral hygiene routines.

History proves it
In fact, even Pliny the Elder extols its virtues. Gaius Plinius Secundus (better known as Pliny the Elder), was an ancient roman naturalist, philosopher, and author (as well as an accomplished navy and army commander). The reason he’s significant is because he created one of the very first encyclopedias on natural phenomena. Even he recommended that Romans use a mouth rinse mixed from water and salt. While a modern antiseptic mouthwash from the drugstore has the vitamins, minerals, and other additives (like fluoride) that bring mouthwash to the next level a saline rinse like the one recommended by Pliny is still an incredibly effective method for cleansing your mouth.

It’s about more than just your teeth

Many patients get caught up in the fact that brushing is all about your teeth. However, this isn’t quite the truth. Your gums are just as important for their role holding the teeth in place. Without your gums, say goodbye to your teeth. Mouthwash can be an incredibly effective tool when it comes to preventing gum disease, which can ultimately lead to your teeth falling out. While brushing and avoiding bad habits (like smoking) are important, mouthwash is a fast and effective way to protect your gums.

Cleanse your nightguard better
If you use dentures or a night guard (to protect against grinding or clenching), how are you cleaning it? Not cleaning your dental mouthpiece is a great way to invite bacteria into your mouth. Fortunately, giving it a quick bath in mouthwash can make short-work of any bacteria setting up shop.

But that’s not all…
Rooted in history, effective at cleaning your dental “hardware”, and great for your gums – that’s a pretty long list of accolades for mouthwash. But for some reason, it hasn’t been adopted into every patient’s nightly routine. If you need more ammo, consider the following:

  • It will improve your breath
  • It kills bacteria
  • It gets the “grit” and extra food out of your teeth
  • It gives you an excuse to make that fun “gargling” sound

Do you have questions on how to best take care of your teeth? If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while or you’re wondering, “Where’s the best dentist near me?” and you live in the Orange County area, we can help! Primary Dental Care of Garden Grove is dedicated to providing the very best care in the area. To learn more, contact us today — or browse our blog to find more answers to commonly asked dental questions.

How to Choose a Great Dental Clinic


 Deciding who to entrust your dental health with can be a  tough decision! There are many competing factors most people weigh before choosing a dentist. Some people will research options for cosmetic dentist, others are looking for a pediatric dentists, and some people are only concerned with finding a low cost option.

The good news is that it has never been easier to find an affordable and professional dentist. A good top dentist will generally have a website where you can contact them and get further information. There are also several websites and areas that will post dental reviews. This information will help you make a well informed decision.

One of the best ways to find a dentist, is to do a search on your local area. For example: if you lived in Anaheimm, try googling “Dentist in Garden Grove” or “Dentist in Stanton.” These local keyword searches will bring up a list of reputable dental offices.


After you have done some online research, it is often most helpful to schedule an appointment in person. This will allow you to take a first hand look at the facilities and meet with the dentist them self. During this appointment, is a great opportunity to ask about their dental costs and specializations. You can also ask if they preform certain things like Invisalign or Zoom Whitening.


Still have questions? If you would like more information on how Dentures can change your life, or you would like to make an appointment, contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California at 714-537-5700.

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And this, O Fate, is I think the most vicious circle that thou ever sanest, That Man has to go continually to the dentist to keep his teeth in good condition when the chief reason he wants his teeth in good condition is so that he won’t have to go to the dentist.

So said Ogden Nash, in one of his very famous poems “This is going to hurt just a little bit” And a lot of people do believe that a visit to the dentist is nothing short of a mental and physical torture. The patient is already in pain due to the problems in his teeth, and on top of that the complicated machinery of the dentists always intimidates people.

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