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3 Tooth Healthy Drinks to Try

Your teeth come into contact with quite a lot in your lifetime. If you think about the gallons of sheer beverage that have passed your pearly whites – some estimates have put the number to as many as 5 swimming pools (yeah, seriously)

So, it’s no surprise that many patients at our dental office in Garden Grove  often wonder which beverages are the safest to drink (hint: it’s not beer and wine because of sugar and acid).

One of those questions often centers around milk. Is milk really that good for your teeth? And the good news is – mostly yes. Milk is pretty tooth healthy in that it’s both a good source of phosphorous AND calcium. That being said, it’s important to remember that lactose (the building block of milk) is a sugar. So you really shouldn’t drink milk before bed — and you especially shouldn’t let your baby or toddler go to bed with a bottle.

Water is naturally the best thing for your teeth, especially when it’s fluoridated – which will help strengthen and clean your teeth at the same time. Water is important because – with every sip – it cleans your teeth and washes away bacteria, debris, sugars, and all of the gunk that can lead to cavities.

Low sugar vegetable juice is another great option for your teeth. As you probably know – vegetables are pretty much the best thing you can eat (or drink) because of all the vitamins. Dark green leafy vegetables are often the best for your teeth for two reasons. First, because of the calcium that protects your enamel. But also because of all the B vitamins that help your mouth in the battle against gum disease.

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