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Why Your Teeth Feel “Fuzzy” Sometimes


Have your teeth ever felt “fuzzy”? Most of ours have. It can feel pretty gross, and is a great reminder that you need to give your teeth a good thorough brushing – but why does it happen and what does it mean?

Generally, there are a few causes for the oddly “fuzzy” sensation you can get in your teeth. Fortunately, most of them aren’t serious. Read on, and our Anaheim dentists will walk you through the most popular causes (and solutions) for “fuzzy” teeth.

Sweet, Starchy, and Sticky Foods….

If you’ve eaten foods that are either sweet (candy, and sweets – of course), starchy (pastas and breads), or sticky  (gummies, jellies, peanut butter, etc), your teeth can become a breeding ground for bacteria quite a bit faster. This causes plaque to form on your teeth – which can make them feel a bit gross. The best way to get rid of this feeling (outside of brushing) is to eat something hard and crisp – like an apple. Or, if you have some sugar free gum handy, that will work too.

Oxalic Acid in Your Mouth

Vegetables are incredibly important for your body and your oral health, however – some vegetables can seem to make your teeth get really fuzzy. This is because of a substance known as oxalic acid – and it can be found in veggies like spinach, kale, and beets. When these acidic crystals coat your teeth – it can make them feel anything but clean.


In many cases, something as simple as an apple can make your teeth feel fresh and clean. In other cases, it could take some quality time with your toothbrush. But sometimes, poor oral hygiene can lead to tartar buildup when plaque isn’t removed in a timely (or effective) fashion. Tartar ramps up the bacteria in your mouth, leads to cavities, and contributes a great deal to gum disease.

Have more questions about your teeth? If you’re a patient near Anaheim or Garden Grove, dentists at Primary Dental Care are here to help. Learn more about our new patient specials today!

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