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Why Do Dental Implants Cost More Than Dentures?

With all of the solutions available for replacing lost, broken, or damaged teeth – many times options that are truly available come down to one simple factor: cost.

Typically, when patients are replacing a tooth – two of the most common options available tend to be either a dental implant or a denture (as well as a”fixed” denture, which is also often referred to as a dental bridge).

For patients replacing all of their teeth – dental implants are often considerably more expensive than dentures, with the benefit that they will likely never have to be replaced, while offering nearly identical performance and durability when compared to natural teeth.  For patients replacing single teeth, the cost difference can seem a little less drastic. But despite the fact that dental implants often represent one of the best, most long-lasting solutions for replacement teeth, it’s not uncommon to experience a little shock at the price-tag.

What many patients wonder about the cost of dental implants is “what exactly am I paying for?” This includes:

The cost of the implant itself: Dental implants rely on special titanium posts that screw into your jaw bone. The special thing about these posts is that they are designed to mimic the function and form of your tooth’s root system, and are responsible for making the implant as strong and functional as your natural teeth are (or were).

Next, you have to consider the porcelain crown: Just like a dental crown over an existing, natural tooth requires careful preparation, installation, and customization to look and feel like a natural tooth – so too does the crown that completes the look of a dental implant. From color to shape, custom fitting the crown to your very unique mouth takes time and expertise.

Finally, consider the surgery: What many patients forget to consider as part of the total cost of a dental implant is the actual procedure that relies on years of training, specialized equipment, and medical expertise.

All of the factors above come together to give you the teeth you always wanted – teeth that are ready to serve you just like natural teeth for years to come. At Garden Grove’s Primary Dental Care, our dentists are committed to the best possible end-result. For questions about dental implants and more, contact our experienced team today.

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