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The Dental Emergency You Shouldn’t Ignore

The thing about dental emergencies is that they’re not always easy to diagnose. What’s really an emergency, and what can wait until the next day your dentist is available.

The reason for this is simple. Have you ever bitten into a piece of food the wrong way – or bitten a nail (shame on you) only to have that quick, startling realization occur that you just chipped your tooth?

If the reality that you just injured your tooth isn’t enough – after the pain goes away you’re left with the (arguably) worse reality : rubbing the chipped part with your tongue over and over and over again. Let’s just face it – you’re not going to be able to ignore it. For this reason – a chipped tooth, while often just a cosmetic problem, can seem very much like an emergency.

But what about dental problems that really are emergencies? Our emergency dentists in Garden Grove weigh in with the 3 biggies you should never ignore:

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain might not seem like an emergency at first, but if you’ve had it for a while – it means that the problem inside your tooth has had more than a while to establish residency inside your tooth. However – it doesn’t belong there and waiting to evict it will only lead to more damage to your tooth and more difficult treatment.

Pain happens because there’s a nerve involved, and if there’s a nerve involved it means that something like a crack or a cavity has worked its way deeper.

Broken Teeth

It’s probably obvious that a broken tooth is never a good thing. Unfortunately, it does require immediate emergency dental attention. This is because a fracture can break through the outer layer of your teeth (the enamel), which opens up your tooth to an entire world of bacterial damage. This can spell problems. Call your dentist asap. 

Inflammation and Swelling

Inflammation and swelling can come about accompanies by pain – or not. Either way, if you’re experiencing swelling in your jaw, gum tissue, or another part of your mouth, it’s always a sign that there’s something happening that shouldn’t be.  In many cases, it is an infection that needs to be cleared up  in order to protect your tooth. Fortunately, our dentists in Garden Grove know the best way to do that.

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