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Invisalign: Reactions and Side Effects, As Told by Patients Across the Country

When it comes to any sort of medical procedure, one of the first questions patients always ask is, “What are the side effects?”. This is natural! Whenever we get involved with something, whether it’s committing to a new business venture or to  dental braces , you want to be able to know if the “juice is worth the squeeze.” You want to know that the procedure is worth the time and possible inconvenience.


While there are a small number of inconveniences that accompany invisalign, hundreds of thousands of patients around the world have found them minor enough to resoundingly agree that the treatment was “well worth it”. Read what other patients had to say about some of the most common questions dentists and orthodontists get about Invisalign’s side effects.


“What does Invisalign feel like? Is it painful or annoying?”


Most patients agree that Invisalign retainers, while noticeable for a a short time, while gradually become harder to notice. While it gets easier and easier to wear invisalign retainers, some patients recommend avoiding the temptation to “Feel them out” with your tongue.


Take it from one patient, who said: “I notice it less every day. The first few days I had an oral fixation on it and examined the edges of the retainer constantly with my tongue — DO NOT DO THIS — just leave it alone. The tip of my tongue has become very scratched and sore. from patient Droo


“Will people notice I have invisalign?”


We are often our own worst critics when it comes to our appearances. But potential invisalign patients will be happy to know that most patients report friends and loved ones hardly notice their invisalign retainers.


“I cannot overstate the aesthetic value of having “clear braces” over a year. No one, and I mean
no one, could tell I had them on unless I mentioned it. It may be the right solution for you depending on your occupation or personal preference. [by KoolAidSm)]


“Is Invisalign Painful or Uncomfortable?”
When it comes to the intersection of beauty and pain, sometimes some patients are willing to go further than others. However, you can rest easy knowing that the pain involved with Invisalign is very minor and very temporary. While some patients report the initial pain being more uncomfortable than others, it is rare for Invisalign retainers to cause pain for more than a couple weeks. Take it from Polotab — a poster on one popular internet messageboard — who said that the pain generally goes away in a couple of days “I was regretting my decision at first.. But the pain subsides with a day or 2 and ibuprofen really helps. When I switch aligner trays after 2 weeks, I always do so in the evening with an ibuprofen, and I am fine. from patient polotab


Or consider for example the experience of Reddit  Ender66.

, who explained that while the Invisalign retainers can “definitely [be] distracting at first, every two weeks you put a new set of trays in and you slowly get more used to them as time goes on. Now, if they’ve been out of my mouth for more than an hour or so, it definitely feels like something is missing. They feel like a part of me now.”


Will Invisalign impact my voice?


Many patients worry about the impact of Invisalign on their voice, and it’s a valid concern. While some patients notice a more pronounced affect than others — a small lisp can sometimes last for a day or so when the first set of retainers is used.


“I was only affected with a lisp with my first set and only for a day or so. In my opinion, they are well worth it. by jackster212



There’s even some positive side effects! 


I can lose weight with Invisalign?

Sometimes, we even hear about Invisalign side effects that patients end up enjoying. While it’s true that Invisalign can sometimes make constant eating a bit of a hassle due to the need to remove your retainers, this has enabled some patients to kick the habit of  “unconscious eating”. Instead of grabbing for the bag of chips simply because they were “there”, many Invisalign patients think twice due to the need to remove the retainers and put them back in again. This has led to some patients who not only got straighter teeth, but a smaller waistline!


I didn’t realize how often I would eat and drink just because it was there. Now having to deal with my tray and brushing my teeth… I feel like I’ve been forced to do the Invisalign Diet! In only four months I’ve lost 8lbs! When this all over I’ll have good teeth & be super skinny. by M McEachran 


…and improve their brushing habits!


Because eating and drinking helps bacteria cling to your teeth, this makes it necessary to brush often when using Invisalign retainers, due to the potential for bad breath. As some patients report, this encourages them to  “stay honest” when it comes to their oral health, and leads to more dedicated brushing and flossing.

How to Choose a Great Dental Clinic


 Deciding who to entrust your dental health with can be a  tough decision! There are many competing factors most people weigh before choosing a dentist. Some people will research options for cosmetic dentist, others are looking for a pediatric dentists, and some people are only concerned with finding a low cost option.

The good news is that it has never been easier to find an affordable and professional dentist. A good top dentist will generally have a website where you can contact them and get further information. There are also several websites and areas that will post dental reviews. This information will help you make a well informed decision.

One of the best ways to find a dentist, is to do a search on your local area. For example: if you lived in Anaheimm, try googling “Dentist in Garden Grove” or “Dentist in Stanton.” These local keyword searches will bring up a list of reputable dental offices.


After you have done some online research, it is often most helpful to schedule an appointment in person. This will allow you to take a first hand look at the facilities and meet with the dentist them self. During this appointment, is a great opportunity to ask about their dental costs and specializations. You can also ask if they preform certain things like Invisalign or Zoom Whitening.


Still have questions? If you would like more information on how Dentures can change your life, or you would like to make an appointment, contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California at 714-537-5700.

Sedation Dentistry in Garden Grove or Anaheim California

There are few thidoctor-563429_640ngs more imperative to your overall well being than oral health. The mouth is responsible for breathing and all the nutrients that we ingest into our body. That is why it is so crucial to make sure that you see a dentist regularly. Whether it is just for a regular check up, or to install something like dental implants, visits to your dental office will save you years of pain and difficulty.

Many people know this, but still have a hard time making the trip. Often, it is because they are either afraid of the dentist, or feel uncomfortable having their mouth worked on. These fears can have disastrous effects if you allow them to dictate your oral hygiene and maintenance. Over time, small-and very treatable problems-will grow into large issues that often require extraction and replacement of teeth.



Thankfully, after years, there is finally an incredible solution.

Sedation Dentistry.


So what exactly is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is preformed by some dental offices to help patients who suffer from dental-based anxiety’s cope with the necessary cleanings and procedures. A top dentist will use one of a variety of methods to help safely put the patient in a very tranquil state, or to sleep. Some of the possible anesthetics include:  nitrous oxide,  lorazepam, diazepam, valium, sonata, etc.

The administration of these drugs will be done quickly, usually by a DDS dentist Some operations like Root Canals, or Dental Implants, will require different methodologies than a routine teeth cleaning.

If you, or somebody you love, refuses to go to the dentist, it is imperative you contact a Sedation Dentist immediately! It could mean the difference between a mouth full of healthy, happy teeth; or several years of painful cavities and gum disease!

If you are in the Garden Grove or Anaheim California area, there are some great options to choose from! Visit to get more information on how valuable successful sedation dentistry can be!








Ouch! Emergency Dental Care Steps!

Ouch!!! Your Guide to Emergency Dental Care


There are few things worse than tooth pain. It is an intense sensation that occurs when the nerves inside the “pulp” of the tooth are irritated or exposed to air. Every year, almost a million Americans are treated for emergency dental problems. This issues are often drastic and need to be taken care of as soon as possible. When this happens, it is important to find an emergency dentist that is qualified and well reviewed. You can often find dentist reviews online. These will help you get a feel for their reputation and fees.


Common Dental Emergencies


It is very common for people to crack their teeth on a piece of hard candy, or nut. This can cause severe dental trauma. These are often described in medical terms as: tooth fractures, extrusive/lateral luxation ( loosening of teeth), avulsion (total displacement of a tooth from its socket), or intrusion (displacement of a tooth vertically into bone). All of these problems require that you check with a dentist immediately.


When a patient suffers dental trauma, the dentist will generally take an x-ray to determine the amount of damage. Depending on the case, they may then reattach any pieces of broken teeth. Some injuries will require a dental implant or dental crown. Other procedures will involve a root canal or dental extraction.


If you ever find yourself in a dental emergency, here are some easy tips that could end up proving crucial to your future oral health.


  1. If you have an adult tooth that has somehow been dislodged from your mouth, you must do your best to keep it moist! Here, time is of the utmost importance!  If the tooth has fallen on the ground or is dirty, handle it gently and wash off with cool water. Avoid damaging the root. *NEVER USE SOAP!* If possible, place it back into the socket. Otherwise, make sure that you put the tooth into cool milk. This will keep it moist and make sure that none of the living cells die. Get to the dentist as soon as possible!
  2. Sometimes an object will become lodged in your mouth. Try to gently remove it. Often times, floss will the best tool to help clear out any obstruction. Do not add any further damage to your gums or the roof of your mouth.
  3. When a tooth gets cracked, rinse out your mouth with lukewarm water. If your face has  begun to swell, put a cold compress onto the swollen area.
  4. If you have a severe toothache, try and clean the painful area out. Do a visual inspection of the area and call your dentist. Make note of any discolorations or problem areas.</p>


When it comes to emergency dental care there are 3 P’s that you always need to remember. The first P, is Prevention. This involved wearing mouth guards during sporting events, keeping your teeth clean, and seeing your dentist for regular check ups and teeth cleanings. The second is Preservation. If a tooth gets dislodged or damage, you need to do everything to insure that you preserve the living cells and avoid any sort of further damage. The last is Promptness. If a dental emergency occurs, it is vital you see a dentist IMMEDIATELY! A few hours could be the difference between losing your tooth or not.


We live in an uncertain world, and emergencies can occur at any time. To keep your oral health in tip top shape, it is good to remember the three P’s and have the number of an emergency dentist located in orange county written down or on speed dial. That way, if something does happen, you will be prepared.


If you would like more information on how emergency dental care in California, you would like to make an appointment, contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California at 714-537-5700.


A Million Dollar Smile

A Million Dollar Smile


You only get one first impression, and feeling confident about your smile can make a world of difference! A positive grin signals an upbeat attitude and a zest for life.No matter what your teeth look like now, cosmetic dentistry has made it not only possible, but fairly straightforward, to achieve the sort of look and feel you can be satisfied with. With a few visits to a dental office, a qualified dental professional will be able to diagnose and determine the best solutions for a brilliant smile.


What causes discolored teeth?


Feel like your smile isn’t nearly as white as it could be? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Several studies report that over seven out of ten people wish they had a whiter smile. So what are some of the main causes of tooth discoloration? One of the biggest factors is simply the diet that we eat. Many common meal choices are filled with artificial preservatives and dyes that have a negative impact upon oral health. Sugary beverages like soda, sports drinks and coffee are some of the largest contributors to teeth yellowing. Even something as mundane as tea can have disastrous effects on your smile.


Tobacco products are also a leading cause of unhealthy and stained teeth. Whether it’s smoking, chewing or even hooka, this substance has a long track record of leading to yellow or brown discoloration. Factors like medication, heredity, and chemical damage are also key to damaging your smile. Aging also plays a role. As you get older, the layers of enamel wear down, often allowing the dentin to show through.


What causes misalignment?


Dentist refer to teeth that are not properly aligned as having malocclusion. This term generally refers to either: underbite, overbite, crossbite, open bite, and crowded teeth, Such problems can cause speech issues, cheek biting, and sometimes force patients to breathe through their nose. In addition, people with severe misalignment are also often sensitive about their smile.


So what are some common things that lead to malocclusion? A leading cause is simply genetic. We all inherit things from our parents, and one of the most common is crooked teeth. Injuries are another frequent factor that leads to misalignment. Other components that may lead to malocclusion include but are not limited to: cleft palate, tumors, thumb sucking, or misplaced dental crowns.


Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures and Solutions


Thankfully, a certified dentist will be able to easily treat both discolored and crooked teeth. Staining can be treated by several different methods. A cosmetic dentist will sometimes recommend a bleaching tray. To begin, the dental professional will perform a teeth cleaning to make sure your teeth and gums are looking their healthiest. After that, they will make an impression of your mouth. Generally a hydrogen peroxide mix  is then applied which will dramatically whiten your teeth. A very common whitening tool is Zoom Whitening.These sessions can run as short as thirty minutes. It may take more than one appointment to achieve the desired results, but many people see results immediately.


Misalignment can be treated several ways. The most common method is braces. Another process is invisalign. Braces often work quicker than invisalign, but invisalign is generally far less noticeable. Both treatments are effective and can take from several months to several years depending on the condition of the mouth in question.


Steps to Great Smile


The easiest way to improve your smile is to simply take a trip to a local dentist office. When you find a dentist, they will be able to evaluate your oral health and prescribe a course of action. A great smile can often be achieved with minimal visits! A million dollar smile, doesn’t have to be expensive!


If you would like more information on how changing your smile can change your life, or you would like to make an appointment, contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California at 714-537-5700.


Dental Care in the Garden Grove Area

Looking for a dentist in Garden Grove for yourself or your children, is not an easy task. There are factors ranging from location to the modernity of the dental clinic. More than anything, insuring that you and your loved ones receive proper dental care is a must. When it comes to outstanding service and dental care, there is only one option that truly stands out amongst the rest – Primary Dental Care.

The combined skills of Dr. Ibrahim, Dr. Moretta, and Dr. Schneekluth guarantee that whatever your dental and orthodontic needs are, the Primary Dental Care facility has friendly and expert staff who are capable of providing the services that you and your family need. Our trained and highly educated staff provide more than just dental care. With Dr. Ibrahim leading our dental services, one of the best dentists in Garden Grove and in the U.S., our customers know they are in good hands. Dr. Moretta’s expertise as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon means patients don’t have to have multiple dentists, we can perform oral surgeries as part of procedures on site. With Dr. Schneekluth on our team, patients requiring orthodontics as a part of their dental care are also looked after. Primary Dental Care truly offers everything that a patient might need when searching for a dental clinic.

Primary Dental Care aims to be flexible and accommodating to all of our patients. We strive to serve the Garden Grove and surrounding communities with nothing but the highest level of standard and service. We cater to all customers, ranging from family dental care seekers, those looking for cosmetic dental repair and even cases of great emergency. Walk Ins are also welcome! Whether you are a regular customer or not, our friendly staff and team will look after you with the same service and smile.

Our team leaders are always continuing their own research and learning to stay on top of the latest and most efficient tools and techniques to rigorously ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment that can be provided. Our training and research extends beyond just our trade, and we are always doing what we can to learn to better serve our customers as human beings as well. Children are most welcome and our staff is very friendly and experienced in working with children. It can be very difficult and traumatic for many children when first going to the dentist. Our staff has an excellent rapport with children and offer fantastic dental care to children throughout Garden Grove and the surrounding areas.

If you don’t live in Garden Grove, don’t worry! Primary Dental Care and our excellent team are still ready to serve you. We have patients who come from all of the surrounding communities, Anaheim, Fountain Valley, Orange County, and Costa Mesa. If you are coming from further away, you will be glad you made the effort as the service our patients receive is second to none.

Beyond or dental staff, we have a great team working with us to ensure that our patients can make their visits as affordable as possible. We accept payment in almost all forms and can work out payment plans in some cases as well. More importantly, our insurance specialist, Leslie Myers, works with our patients to maximize the support they will receive from their insurance plans to help keep their costs down to a minimum.

With great dentists, surgeons, and orthodontists, and a a team of great support staff ready to make your visit as comfortable and affordable as possible, it is no wonder that in the Garden Grove area the number one choice for dentists and dental care is Primary Dental Care. Come in for a consultation or give us a call at (714) – 573 – 5700 and you will be glad that you did. Whether it is for a walk in or just a consultation, giving us a call or coming in to see our facilities will be worth your time and give you peace of mind when confirming that Primary Dental Care offers the best dental care in Garden Grove!





Family Dentistry at primary Dental Care : Garden Grove

Maintaining good oral health is key to living a happy and productive life. We are only given one set of adult teeth and gums, so it is vital that we take care of what we have. As such, it is important to choose a Family Dentist that you, and your loved ones, can trust. From early childhood, to retirement, a quality Dental Office will guide you along the path to dental care and achieving your own perfect smile!

Common Procedures a Family Dentist Performs


Dental professional work on a wide variety of tasks to keep your mouth feeling its best. For example, one of the most common procedures is a Root Canal. Your dentist will perform a Root Canal if an infection has entered the “pulp” or bundle of nerves on the inside of your tooth. When this pulp becomes infected, the bacteria multiply very quickly. This can often cause swelling, an abscessed tooth, bone loss, or drainage problems. A tooth infection is usually extremely painful, and often associated with discoloration. If you wait too long, you may be forced to see an Emergency Dentist to immediately start the Root Canal.


During a Root Canal the dentist will essentially remove all the infected pulp from your tooth. They will also wash it out to make sure that all the bacteria are killed. Once the tooth has been cleaned, it is often necessary to perform some restoration to make sure that a weakened tooth stays intact. A Family Dentist will also commonly provide: fillings and repairs, bridges and implants, dentures, extractions and crowns.</p>


Other areas of focus for a Dental Center


There are also many cosmetic oriented procedures that a Dental Office will preform. A truly comprehensive Dental Clinic will work to not only maintain the oral integrity of their patients, but to help boost their confidence and self-esteem. For many people, this can start early in life through the use of Orthodontics. Orthodontics, focus on dental displacement, or alignment of the teeth. Sometimes, it is necessary to correct the bite of a patient so that they can chew properly; this is calledmalocclusion. Many other people are simply looking to straighten their teeth.


Types of Orthodontics

Some studies report, that between forty to seventy-five percent of Americans between the ages of six to nineteen will wear Braces at some point. Dental Braces are often used to correct: underbites, overbites, cross bites, crooked teeth and flaws with the jaw. Many patients will only wear braces for a few months to correct minor problems; other will have to wear theirs for much longer because of more severe bite issues. Dental Braces also have among the highest rates of satisfaction for dental procedures because they are so simple and effective.




Many people want to straighten their teeth, but don’t feel comfortable wearing metal braces for a prolonged amount of time. If this is the case, a family dentist will usually recommend Invisalign.  Invisalign is a great alternative to help achieve a glowing smile. Invisalign works by creating transparent (similar to a retainer), systematic aligners that actively reshape your teeth. Over time, the teeth are incrementally moved to achieve an ideal bite.


To begin, the dentist will take impressions and X-rays of your mouth. This information will then be sent to a lab where a 3-D model is created. Using a computer program, the dentist will work to create an image of what your final alignment will look like. Then, the dentist will work backwards and create several different molds that will step-by-step move your teeth. Invisalign is often used by adults who want to change their smile, without having to wear standard braces.

Still have questions? If you would like more information on how Immediate Dentures can change your life, or you would like to make an appointment, contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California at 714-537-5700.

Information on Dental Bridges from Primary Dental Care

What are Dental Bridges?


Dental bridges are one of a few ways that Primal Dental Care specialists can fill the gaps created by missing teeth. A custom-made dental bridge can literally bridge the gap created  in a smile by one or more missing teeth. A permanent bridge is created between the two teeth surrounding the gap, and can be anchored to either natural or implanted teeth. There are three commonly used types of dental bridges: traditional bridges, cantilever bridges and Maryland bonded bridges. Each of the three types has its own place and purpose. Primary Dental Care specializes in all three and is open to consultations to help decide which bridge is the best solution on a case-by-case basis.


How are Dental Bridges fitted


The procedure involved in getting a custom-made bridge can vary from patient to patient. The first consultation is used to determine what type of bridge and what material is best for making the bridge. Bridges can be created with metal, porcelain or a combination of the two. Following this, a custom mold must be made of the area so that a proper fitting, custom bridge can be designed. Depending on the type of bridge that is being designed, the teeth surrounding the gap, abutment teeth, may need to be fitted with a crown so that they can support the bridge properly. The crown must be in place prior to the impression being taken to ensure the accuracy of the dental mold.


Once the mold is completed, Primary Dental Care sends it off to a dental appliance manufacturer, where the custom-made dental bridge will be constructed. In this interim period, Primary Dental Care can provide a temporary dental bridge to help patients acclimatize themselves to the dental bridge and explore the fit while their final bridge is being made. When the custom bridge is complete, the temporary bridge is removed and replaced. Primary Dental Care staff are experts in dental bridge installation and aim for a perfect fit from the first installation, however, it is not uncommon that additional visits might be needed to adjust and check the fit of a new dental bridge. When the fit is confirmed, the bridge will be cemented into place to securely keep it there.


Taking Care of Dental Bridges


Immediately following the installation of a final or temporary dental brace, Primary Dental Care recommends eating soft food and taking it easy on the area where the dental bridge has been installed. It can take a while to get used to the bridge, however, there should be little to no pain caused during the process.


With good oral hygiene and proper care a dental bridge can last for over ten years. The average expectancy ranges between five and fifteen, depending on the level of maintenance care that the patient chooses to provide. Primary Dental Care recommends regular oral hygiene, brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and mouthwash to help to maintain the quality of the dental bridge and continued good oral health. Coming in for checkups and cleaning can also help to maintain and proactively spot any potential damage or problems to a dental bridge .

For more information concerning how custom-made, permanent dental bridges are fitted and cared for, or whether or not they might benefit you and your situation, please contact Primary Dental Care in Garden Grove, California at 714-537-5700.

Contact Emergency Dentists for appropriate treatment

When it comes to selecting a children dentist, it is very important for the parents gather the information related to the services, experience and much more things. A childcare’s dentist is the one that serves the best oral services with complete dental care so that one can get the complete satisfaction at the end. Their solutions will not only enhance your overall appearance, but also help them to develop the teeth properly. There are several dental procedures that can be rendered by the Children Dentist In Garden Grove to prevent damage. They offer different oral services to patients, according to the needs.


In order to find the best and experienced Emergency Dentist In Buena Park, you can use the internet. Via this method, you can get the benefits and advantages of medical treatments, 24hours emergency Bridges, Children care, Cosmetic Fillings, Gum Disease, Same Day Emergency Care, Root Canals and Veneers. Hence, if you are planning to opt the benefits of these solutions, then you can contact the “Primary Dental Care ”. Our advanced techniques and effective procedures help clients to maintain the overall health. The experienced dentist of our clinic guides you and make you relax under the friendly-environment. Owing to these qualities and friendly nature, people usually considered a primary care clinic to get the service.

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Get Cost-Effective Dentistry Services in Garden Grove

When looking for effective and affordable dental care services, you are highly recommended to approach “Primary Dental Care”, a well-known dental clinic specialized in offering cosmetic, emergency and family dentistry. They are one of the renowned clinics based in Garden Grove from where you can get general as well as cosmetic dentistry services at competitive rates. The dentistry services offered by these professional dentists are available for patients of all ages. They are highly qualified and experienced in providing first-class treatment to solve all types of dental problems in the best manner.

They are a proud and respected member of various professional organizations such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association. Their service areas include Garden Grove, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley and Orange County, CA. If you are looking for the most experienced emergency dentist in Buena park, then they are the ideal option for you to opt. They use cutting edge techniques, the latest medical equipment and new technologies to bring their patients the best treatment along with personalized dental care.

They are committed to provide the best dentistry to every patient in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment. If you are searching for the most reliable garden grove dental care provider, then you are at the right place. They offer same day emergency care and strive to make dentistry experiences of their patients outstanding and pleasant one. To know more about them, you can also go through their official website anytime in a hassle-free manner.

To know more about their services contact to Dr Marianna Ibrahim at:- 714-537-5700.