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How Flossing & Brushing Help You Reduce Pneumonia Risk

A year ago, the Wall Street Journal reported on a very important and troubling problem facing hospitals across the country: Pneumonia. The unfortunate truth is this: all too often, patients go into the hospital feeling sick only to get sicker because of how many different germs and illnesses tend to hang around.

But did you know that brushing and flossing can reduce your risk of getting illnesses like pneumonia?

That’s right, our dentists in Garden Grove (and dentists around the world) will be quick to remind you that brushing your teeth isn’t just good for your teeth alone. By cutting down on the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth – you also cut down on the amount of bacteria that could go on to make you ill.

Researchers behind the pneumonia study found a well-documented relationship between oral health and the occurrence of pneumonia. While the human body contains far more microbes (bacteria, fungi, etc) than it does human cells – even the dangerous microbes end up causing damage or illness in only the most specific circumstances.

That said, the bacteria that contributes to pneumonia needs to be inhaled to cause its special kind of infection. Because of this – brushing your teeth and tongue is actually a very effective way to fight against the illness.

But before you brush this aside because it only talks about pneumonia, think again – good oral healthcare can prevent much more by fighting inflammation throughout your body.

So remember, next time you’re feeling like you don’t want to go to the dentist or you’re contemplating going to bed without brushing and flossing, think again. Your good decision could be the choice that helps you dodge an illness like pneumonia.

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