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Think of Your Teeth as an Investment for Long Term Success (Both Professionally and Orally)

You just met someone you desperately want to impress, they say something funny, you laugh, and then you instinctively look away, block your mouth with your hand, or feel self-conscious about your teeth. Like so many others – you’re not alone.

In a piece by NBC aired years ago titled “Bad Teeth, Broken Dreams” – the news outlet talked to numerous individuals in California about how their lack of dental care had an impact on their professional prospects. The consensus? It did – a lot.

Consider Patty’s story, for example:

With five broken teeth, three cavities and a painful gum abscess spreading to her sinuses, Patty Kennedy knew she had to get in line early for a free dental clinic held last month in San Jose, Calif.

The 53-year-old woman from Modesto, nearly 100 miles away, was counting on the care to repair not only her smile and her worsening health — but also her chances of getting a job.

What she said at the time was that she didn’t smile a lot, struggled to get a job, and truly felt like her teeth were holding her back because employers want someone with a pleasant, positive attitude. Many times – that starts with a smile.

The simple truth is that people assume a lot based on your teeth – and it’s not always fair. Unfortunately, the story isn’t much better for many people who have jobs but don’t have dental insurance – and in those cases, they might experience trouble climbing the ladder or finding a better job.

This is why everyone should view their oral health as an investment. Both in terms of the time you spend taking care of your teeth – and the money you spend (and save) in the effort to improve them.

Not only should you think about investing the time in your teeth by engaging in smart, habitual oral care – but in the event that you don’t have dental insurance, you should also keep an eye out for opportunities to invest in fixing certain problems as well. While you should always get cavities and infections handled like the emergencies they are – like many others you may be putting off cosmetic dental care because of the cost. In these situations – don’t lose hope!

Even if you live nowhere near our Dentists in Garden Grove , you should still go to your local dentist and get a professional assessment. You never know – like our dentist, there could be new patient specials, special incentives, and flexible payment plans to ensure you get the care you need. Think of your “future teeth as an investment in your future and make a plan to change it.  Your new teeth could very well be the change that completely alters the course of your life.

How Winter Weather Causes Toothaches & Sensitivity

Do your teeth become incredibly uncomfortable – maybe even painful – when you attach your ice-cream at the wrong angle, or gulp down a hot beverage? You’re definitely not alone. And now that it’s winter – if you have any trips planned that will take you to a colder climate, there’s a chance your teeth might feel extra sensitive.

This is because – as your tooth enamel wears down (a natural process) or your gums recede (also somewhat natural to expect some recession) – a layer of your teeth becomes exposed. A layer that is quite sensitive to temperature changes.

Think of your dental enamel as a puffy, warm winter jacket that requires the sharpest breeze to cut through. However – if you ripped a hole in that jacket, random gusts of cold wind would be felt quickly. 

But it’s not just ice cream and hot tea that will cause you to experience these pangs. In addition to sensitivity from loss of enamel, your teeth are also affected by the weather in other ways. Like everything – your teeth contract and expand depending on the temperature. When it’s hot – they expand. When it’s cold – they contract. As this happens, tiny little cracks can form. While they don’t impact the structure of your teeth – it can be uncomfortable (especially if you have metal fillings).

So, what can you do?

If your teeth become extremely uncomfortable in cold weather (or with cold foods) – there’s a few things you can do. First, our dentists in Garden Grove might want to take some xrays to understand the underlying cause of your sensitivity. Is it related to cavities, infection, or a more serious issue? Once we’ve ruled this out – improving your sensitivity to cold (and heat) could be as simple as starting to use a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

“But I need a remedy FAST – I’m going skiing in Tahoe!”

If you have no time to see the dentist – you can help alleviate the pain by trying to find some sensitive toothpaste, breathing through your nose, or (if you’re skiing) – wearing a buff or neckwarmer over your mouth as a barrier.

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