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Why it’s not “just another cleaning”: Why your regular cleaning is imperative

“I don’t need to go to this appointment, it’s just a cleaning.”

Have you ever thought this thought? If so, read carefully.

While some people are blessed with mouths that seem almost immune to cavities, dental cleanings are important for a very simple reason: to eliminate places for bacteria to hide.

That’s right. Your mouth is full of hiding places for bacteria – and they get bigger and better every day. That’s what our dentists in Garden Grove (and everywhere in the world!) call plaque.

Plaque can be colorless or yellowish, but it’s a sticky film that slowly forms on your teeth when you combine food debris and fluid with saliva. In most cases, plaque forms on the surface of your teeth and all along the gum line. It’s also fast. Plaque forms on your teeth as early as 4 hours before you brush – this is why it’s important to brush and floss thoroughly multiple times a day (but twice should do).

Plaque is at the root of many dental health problems, that’s because the bacteria lives in plaque and uses it to produce the acids that slowly eat away at your enamel. On top of this, plaque also contributes to bad breath and the gradually changing color of your teeth. The thing about plaque is, if it’s not cleaned away by brushing, rinsing, and flossing – it begins to contribute to the formation of tartar – a hardened, mineralized compound that forms on your teeth.

So when you go to your dental cleaning – your dentist isn’t just poking and prodding your teeth. At your cleaning, your entire dental team is carefully taking care of the plaque and tartar that have formed on your teeth to eliminate hiding places for bacteria and get rid of dangerous tartar.

Are you putting off a dental visit or considering canceling a cleaning? Think twice! The longer you wait to clear away plaque and tartar – the more damage it can do. If you’ve been waiting for too long, get in touch with our dentists in Garden Grove.





Have kids? Looking for good tooth fairy ideas? Look no further!

Every day, our dentists in Garden Grove work with families of all kinds. From old families – with children who have long since left home, to new families – still learning, growing, and losing baby teeth!

That’s where we’d like to help. Every day our dentists in Garden Grove work with young children who are either starting to lose their baby teeth or already well on their way. But sometimes – parents wonder how they can help support their children when it comes to getting excited about good dental health.

Well, many times – that’s where the tooth fairy can come in (seriously!).

The sheer magic that children will believe in is nothing short of amazing to behold. One way that many parents promote this creativity and get kids excited about their teeth is with the tooth fairy.  But the tooth fairy doesn’t just have to be depositing cold hard cash under your kids’ pillows. You can also get creative with it. Here are some suggestions:

Encourage good dental care by laying some praise on your kids, courtesy of their favorite fairy

Don’t just stop at a dollar or two, what about some praise? Sharpen a pencil really sharp so you can get the writing nice and fine, and lay some praise on your kids for taking such good care of their teeth…here’s an example.

Dear [Child]

I can’t believe how perfect your teeth are! As you may already understand, the tooth fairy collects teeth that children lose from around the world and use them to create special fairy tools in fairyland. Without your perfect teeth – our tools just wouldn’t work like they’re supposed to – and Toothville just wouldn’t be the same! So thank you for taking such good care of your teeth and for helping the Fairy Kingdom stay strong! Keep up the good work!  As a thank you – I hope you’ll enjoy the reward I’ve left for you.

Toothiest Wishes,

Your tooth fairy

To go the extra mile, add the tiny letter with its tiny handwriting to a similarly tiny envelope – with a tiny wax seal, and plenty of fairy glitter.

Leave something more than money behind

Every kid loves getting a visit from the tooth fairy, but have you ever thought about adding a little more wonder to the experience? Imagine waking up only to find that your tooth fairy FORGOT her wand under your pillow? Just google “Tooth Fairy Wand” for a multitude of options to get you thinking.

Leave some footprints on the window sill

This sort of fun isn’t left to Santa. Making the tooth fairy as fun as possible can really help give your children a greater sense of value in their teeth. So while the tooth fairy sure is fun, you can also use her mythical reputation to encourage your kids to stay on top of their teeth.

Fairy footprints left in glitter on the window-sill are just one way to make the whole thing seem more real.

Trying to prove that teeth are valuable? Give them a receipt!

How else can you prove the value of something than by providing a receipt?! The same can be done to great effect with your children. Consider this great idea from

The main point? Make it fun

Being the tooth fairy isn’t just some old-fashioned parental obligation – it’s a tactic to get your kids caring about their teeth.  What better way to do it than with a bit of magic?

Have questions about kids teeth? If your family is looking for a dentist in the Garden Grove area – our dentists would love to help. Contact us today to learn more!