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Do Whitening Strips Really Work? Our Garden Grove Dental Team Weighs in…

It’s a pretty common occurrence that a patient might want to whiten their teeth. Whether a big day like your prom or a wedding is coming up – or you’ve recently stopped smoking and want to make a concerted effort to reverse the damage you’ve been doing with tobacco, you’re in luck. These days – it’s pretty easy to whiten your teeth.

But one of the most common questions people tend to have about whitening products is whether or not the whitening strips you can find in the store will do any good. Unfortunately, the answer is one of those answers everyone hates to read: it depends.

Everyone’s teeth are different and the strips you can get in stores will certainly work for some patients. The way they work is with a gel that usually contains hydrogen peroxide (or something similar) this is pressed against the teeth long enough for the peroxide substance to work its way into your enamel.

For many patients, this works okay. But sometimes, the plastic used for the strips and the adhesive chemicals used can sometimes lead to some irritation.  And that, irritation, is the big advantage of in-office whitening.

Dentists across the country will often advise patients that they should go ahead and try over the counter whitening strips if they’d like – especially when those patients have never experienced any allergies or sensitivity symptoms. But when patients have a tendency to have more sensitive teeth – in-office whitening offers the most controlled, measured, and reliable way to whiten your teeth.

For example, when we perform in-office whitening in Garden Grove – we often see more consistent results faster simply because the tools are better, the environment is right, and the product is specialized for use by a dentist.  This also means we can accommodate for patients that have dealt with sensitivity in the past.

So, should you try over the counter whitening strips? If you have healthy teeth and no history of chronic dental sensitivity – go ahead! Or, if you live in the Garden Grove area and want a more reliable (and even) whiteness – contact our team today.






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