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“A tooth just fell out, out of nowhere: why?”

Imagine you’re sitting at your kitchen table one day, must leisurely eating a bright and juicy red-delicious apple, only to feel a little extra crunch and see a tooth stuck in your snack…

“What just happened?” you might wonder. Well, hopefully our dentists in Garden Grove can help answer that question.

Losing your tooth is often considered an almost magical occurrence for children. But as an adult, even the slightest wiggle can make you feel anxious. While children dream about the tooth fairy leaving something under their pillow – losing a tooth for an adult is more like a complete nightmare.

So, why can your adult teeth fall out? (especially without warning?)

Oral Cancer

We’re not trying to alarm you, but you should be aware that one of the most common causes of sudden dental loss can be oral cancer, and the American Cancer Society tells us that men are almost twice as likely to encounter this affliction. Oral cancer often manifests as a sore or growth in your mouth that doesn’t go away. It’s often related to smoking, and can certainly contribute to early tooth loss.

Gum Disease

This is actually the most common reason for an adult to lose a tooth – and it all comes down to poor dental care. One thing that our dentists near Anaheim frequently hear is that patients are surprised that a tooth doesn’t have to hurt to be infected. When bacteria gets beneath your gumline, it acts a lot like rust. It can separate the tooth from your gums, which essentially separates your tooth from its foundation. This makes the tooth unstable, and can very realistically lead to it falling out.

Tooth Decay

You don’t always feel tooth decay, and sometimes – you get so used to it that you don’t remember that decay doesn’t stop. Once you feel some pain, if it’s happening because of bacteria that bacteria isn’t going anywhere until you get it taken care of. Tooth decay spreads like a virus, unless you stop it.

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