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Get Your Teeth Ready for Summer

This might be the time of year where everybody is focused on unearthing their summer bodies. But what about your teeth. Are they ready for summer? Staying on top of your oral health is a surefire way to ensure your summer is a smooth one.

Where does that start? With preventative maintenance.

Whether you’re dealing with a nagging toothache, a knocked out tooth, a chip, a crap, or a broken jaw – don’t tough it out. Don’t delay treatment. In almost every case, delaying treatment is only going to make the underlying source of the problem harder to treat. The only outcome of waiting to see a dentist after a dental emergency  is more pain and more expensive treatment.

Don’t start slacking…

Summer might be a more relaxed time, but don’t relax your oral hygiene routine. Keep brushing and flossing twice a day – just like you would all year. This is especially important for kids. Make extra sure that little ones don’t view brushing and flossing as only important when school is in session.

Fit your check-ups in now

The most common reason patients tend to reschedule is because they simply can’t fit the appointment into their busy day. This is why we frequently recommend that patients – especially for family dental – schedule their appointments in the summer, when it’s easier to fit in. On top of this, it can also ensure that you don’t have a ruined vacation because one child had a terrible toothache the entire time.

Snack healthy

Summer is often a time of constant snacking. Make sure they’re healthy, and try to cut down on the sugar by making a point to stock a healthier kitchen. Instead of candy, try watermelon, fresh fruit, or vegetables and dip – and always remember to keep everyone hydrated. Water isn’t just good for keeping cool and energized in the sun, it also helps rinse away the acid, sugar, and bacteria that aim to attack your teeth all year-round.

Don’t run at the pool

It might seem silly, but preventing dental emergencies starts with following the rules. Far too many chipped and broken teeth come from carelessness (some of it, at the pool). Fun and caution can co-exist!



How to Protect Your Teeth Overseas


Ever feel like you leave your health to chance while on vacation? Indulge the smart way with some simple dental travel tips

Our dentists in Garden Grove  hear all the excuses when patients don’t have the best approach to oral health – but one of the funniest excuses you might be able to come up with for poor oral health is “I was on vacation.”

If you’re getting ready to travel and you’re worried about your dental hygiene or you’re already on the road and you’re looking for ways to be better about your teeth – here’s some tips:

Pack a dental emergency kit

Okay, so toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss are essential. That’s just a starting point. But if you’re traveling abroad – especially for an extended period of time, you might want a few extra things in your kit, including:

  • An extra toothbrush: cheap is fine, just make sure you have a backup – because it’s easy to leave your main toothbrush behind, and you never know how far away the next pharmacy is.
  • Some dental wax: this could be in a tiny container in your travel kit, but the small amount of space and weight it requires could save you money and discomfort in the event of a chip or crack. On top of this, if you experience a loose filling or crown – dental wax can be used to keep it in place until you can find a proper solution.
  • Dental cement: if you know you have an issue with a crown or filling, it also can’t hurt to have some dental cement on hand as well.

Know what to do in an emergency

Traveling anywhere requires you to change your perspective and adapt in a different way. It’s part of the challenge, and it can be an incredibly rewarding experience – even if you run into trouble, such as with your teeth.

The best, first step is knowing what needs to be done in general.  What would you do back home? – now just adapt that to wherever you might be.

Start with the basics by understanding what a dental emergency truly is, and what might be able to wait until you get home:

Think You Need an Emergency Dentist After Hours? Here’s When to Call

The Dental Emergency You Shouldn’t Ignore










“A tooth just fell out, out of nowhere: why?”

Imagine you’re sitting at your kitchen table one day, must leisurely eating a bright and juicy red-delicious apple, only to feel a little extra crunch and see a tooth stuck in your snack…

“What just happened?” you might wonder. Well, hopefully our dentists in Garden Grove can help answer that question.

Losing your tooth is often considered an almost magical occurrence for children. But as an adult, even the slightest wiggle can make you feel anxious. While children dream about the tooth fairy leaving something under their pillow – losing a tooth for an adult is more like a complete nightmare.

So, why can your adult teeth fall out? (especially without warning?)

Oral Cancer

We’re not trying to alarm you, but you should be aware that one of the most common causes of sudden dental loss can be oral cancer, and the American Cancer Society tells us that men are almost twice as likely to encounter this affliction. Oral cancer often manifests as a sore or growth in your mouth that doesn’t go away. It’s often related to smoking, and can certainly contribute to early tooth loss.

Gum Disease

This is actually the most common reason for an adult to lose a tooth – and it all comes down to poor dental care. One thing that our dentists near Anaheim frequently hear is that patients are surprised that a tooth doesn’t have to hurt to be infected. When bacteria gets beneath your gumline, it acts a lot like rust. It can separate the tooth from your gums, which essentially separates your tooth from its foundation. This makes the tooth unstable, and can very realistically lead to it falling out.

Tooth Decay

You don’t always feel tooth decay, and sometimes – you get so used to it that you don’t remember that decay doesn’t stop. Once you feel some pain, if it’s happening because of bacteria that bacteria isn’t going anywhere until you get it taken care of. Tooth decay spreads like a virus, unless you stop it.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency in Garden Grove? Our dentists can help. Contact us immediately if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.

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