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Whiter Teeth from Every Angle: Your Garden Grove Dentists’ Advice for Whiter Smiles

Yellow teeth can be a huge blow to your confidence. They can also happen for a wide variety of reasons. Fortunately, our dentists in Garden Grove have helped countless patients improve the look of their smile. So today, we’ve compiled a variety of answers and resources that attack the problem of discolored teeth from every different angle.

Many patients deal with discolored teeth. But the truth of the matter is that there are a variety of solutions available to improve their look. Like any stain – understanding the source of the underlying discoloration is half the battle in getting rid of it. So hopefully some insights from our Garden Grove dental blog will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

In What a Discolored Tooth Means – we go over many different factors that can influence the color of your teeth, including:

  • Excess fluoride
  • Damage
  • Medication
  • Your genetics
  • (and of course) Vices like tobacco and alcohol

In 4 Foods that Will Give You a Whiter Smile – we discuss what you should be eating if you’ve been partaking in a little too many of the foods or substances that contribute to dental staining. Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, those foods include things like black coffee, red wine, tea, and – of course – tobacco.

Speaking of tobacco, if you’re a smoker with complaints about discolored teeth. Stop right there. Your first step is the biggest step: stop smoking. Understanding what tobacco can do to your teeth is critical when it comes to truly improving your health.

So, what can you do for yellowing teeth?

If you’ve tried whitening foods, you’ve stopped smoking, quit black coffee, and are using a whitening toothpaste and feel your teeth aren’t white enough – you still have options. Like our dentists in Garden Grove, many dentists across the country offer in-office teeth whitening that is fast, effective, and inexpensive.

Are your teeth looking a little dull? If you’re in Southern California – our dentists can help. 

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