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Don’t drink your way to a cavity!

You might be surprised but it’s not exactly hard to drink your way to a cavity if you’re not careful. Every day our dentists in Garden Grove meet patients of all ages with cavities. Many of them go on and on about how good their diet is without realizing that they’re drinking enough sugar to bake a cake.

But it’s not just sugar that you have to watch out for when it comes to keeping your thirst quenched (or letting loose on a weekend). Acid can often be an even bigger problem because of how it eats away at the enamel, slowly but surely making it less effective in doing its job of protecting them from decay.

Unfortunately, acid and sugar can be found in quite a few drinks. Our dentists in Garden grove recommend really keeping an eye on the ingredients because the combination of the two creates a perfect storm and almost guarantees a problem if you’re not careful. So, which drinks do you need to be careful of? Let’s take a look at the prime offenders.

The one to really be careful around

Fruit Juice: this is the one you really need to be careful of. Fruit juice has both a high amount of sugar and acid – making it a perfect storm for your teeth. After you drink fruit juice – especially citrus juice (because of the citric acid), try to rinse your mouth shortly after with water.

Soda: Similar to fruit juice, soda also has a high amount of acid and sugar. Try to limit it as much as possible, and if you can – drink from a straw (on top of that, sugar free is best).

Black coffee and tea: black coffee and tea should also be something you’re wary of. While lower in acid they can easily stain your teeth. Again – just a simple rinse with some water and regular brushing will help you avoid any serious staining or damage.

Bonus: A great drink for your teeth

Would you imagine that a vodka soda could actually be good for your teeth? That’s right. Not only will a vodka soda not stain your teeth, it will also actually kill some of the bacteria. Win / win!


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