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“Can I chew gum after getting my wisdom teeth out?” or How to: Avoid Drysocket

For our dentists in the Anaheim area, wisdom tooth extractions are one of the most common procedures we do. This isn’t a huge surprise, considering just about everyone has wisdom teeth and – for the most part – almost everyone has to eventually get their wisdom teeth taken care of.

But why? why do most patients need their wisdom teeth out? Can’t we just leave them in?  

While some patients can safely live their life without ever removing their wisdom teeth – these patients are the lucky ones. This is because their wisdom teeth had enough room to safely grow in. However, many times patients’ wisdom teeth don’t have room to grow. This can lead to problems like crowding, infection, and gum disease, and is typically the reason why our dentists in Garden Grove will recommend you remove one or all of your wisdom teeth.

Can I chew gum after getting my wisdom teeth removed?”

Unfortunately, no. When it comes to chewing gum after your wisdom tooth extraction the best advice is to wait for two weeks. This is to protect the blood-clots that are forming on the incisions, which could create a suction force that pulls the clots right out, preventing healing. It’s best to wait until the tissue is completely closed before chewing gum again. If not, you risk getting drysocket, which can be pretty uncomfortable.

“What’s drysocket?”

Drysocket is a more memorable name for what dentists call alveolar oseitis. It’s a painful (and pretty common) complication that can occur after getting a tooth removed. When you get a tooth removed, a blood clot forms where the tooth was to protect the tissue, bone, and nerves where it once was. This is a normal part of the healing process. When this clot doesn’t form – or when it gets dislodged (such as by a premature piece of gum), the bone and nerves in this spot are exposed. Treating this will take extra pain management and further precautions to promote the healing process.

Could your wisdom teeth need extraction? If you’re a patient in the garden grove area – our dentists are here to help.

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