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Reasons You Might Be Grinding Your Teeth (and what to do about it)

Teeth hurt? Waking up with headaches? you might be grinding….

If you’re wondering if you grind your teeth – there’s a chance that you might not even notice because grinding typically happens at night. But, more often than not – patients in our Garden Grove dental practice often experience common symptoms like morning headaches, jaw soreness, and sensitivity from enamel erosion.

If you ever notice any of these symptoms – do follow up with your dentist. If you’re our patient here in the Anaheim area (or any dentist’s patient anywhere!) – your dentist will want to examine your mouth and jaw for the signs of bruxism, a fancy term for teeth grinding.

What causes bruxism (or teeth grinding)?

In many cases, grinding your teeth at night can be the simple result of stress or anxiety. Unfortunately, with more patients taking their work home with them with their laptops and smartphones, it doesn’t exactly help.

Think about it. Stress from work makes it hard to sleep. So you read an article on your smart phone, but the light from the screen keeps you awake – and after you finally fall asleep you wake up with a headache. Why? Because mental stress kept you up and physical stress from poor sleep made it worse. This perfect little cocktail of insomnia and stress can easily trigger bruxism.

Many times, a solution is found with meditation, calming music, or other relaxation aids. However, if this doesn’t work (it can honestly be tough!) our dentists in Garden Grove often recommend a night guard to protect your teeth and jaw from the damaging effects of grinding.

In a short visit to our office, you’ll be fitted for a custom mouthpiece that’s longlasting and comfortable to sleep in. While a nightguard can sometimes take a little getting used to (just a couple nights) – patients love the way they can eliminate the irritating symptoms of grinding.

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