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How to Know When You Need to Get a Dental Filling

For many dental patients around the world – it can be quite the scary (or at least, nerve-wracking) realization that often goes a little something like this: “I need a filling, I think”  followed by days, weeks, or even months of waiting before actually calling the dentist and scheduling an appointment.

This is often the first mistake that patients make – waiting. If you think of your tooth according to the layers that comprise it, you only have so much time before a small problem eats its way deeper to become a big problem. Because don’t forget: teeth don’t exactly heal themselves (yet).
Many times, getting an ache or chip fixed quickly can minimize residual damage that occurs as a result of the problem in the first place.

If you do need a filling – take a deep breath. It’s not that bad – especially with all the options available for anesthesia and even sedation if you need it.

The most common signs of a cavity or decay that would typically require a filling is intense sensitivity or pain that lingers a bit after stimulation, or when exposed to food. If biting down or eating food ever causes you to feel a real jolt of pain – give your dentist a call as soon as possible (waiting until normal working hours are fine – this wouldn’t exactly be a dental emergency).

After a visual assessment and examination, if your dentist thinks there might be a problem, the next step is often x-rays. This enables us to get an inside look at exactly what’s happening inside your teeth – which allows us to determine which type of treatment (and which type of filling) is most appropriate.

Are you experiencing sensitivity or pain? If you live in the Garden Grove area and have a cavity that’s left untreated, don’t leave it to become a more serious problem – contact our dental team today.

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