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The Ingredients to Avoid for Healthier Teeth

Every day, our Anaheim area dentists encounter patients of all ages and backgrounds, with teeth ranging from baby teeth to dentures. We’ve seen it all – and we understand that it’s easy to feel self-conscious about your teeth, but out of all the patients we’ve seen – the ones that have been the happiest have been the ones that have improved their teeth and won back their confidence through careful care and good oral hygiene. You’d be surprised be how often it happens.

Are you on the journey to healthier, longer lasting teeth? One of your best allies will always be your diet. But sometimes it can be difficult to understand which ingredients you need to steer clear of.

Yesterday, we blogged about healthy snack food options you can quickly prepare (and eat) on the go. But in a day and age where many people are paying more attention to what’s on the label of their food – it’s no surprise that many patients wonder what ingredients they should avoid for healthier teeth. Hopefully, today’s information helps!

Refined carbohydrates and sugar: these are the prime offenders. Not only are they terrible for your teeth – but they’ll also make you feel lethargic, tired, and hungry (more often). The thing is, though – when you eat junk with this stuff in it, you get hungry more often and you crave more of it. So it’s never good.

Anything synthetic: ingredients like flavor enhancers, artificial colors, chemicals, and preservatives can all have a definite impact on the way your body responds. Unfortunately, this all comes down to the person.

You’re inevitably going to slip up…

Nobody’s perfect! You’re always going to encounter foods that you know aren’t good for your teeth. In these cases – when a toothbrush and some floss aren’t available, the best possible course of action is to grab a nice tall glass of water. And if you’re really trying to be good – eat a piece of celery while you’re at it. (Celery’s great for your teeth).

Have you noticed any specific foods having a noticeable impact on your teeth or gums? It could be the sign of a deeper problem (it could also be nothing!) To learn more, or to inquire about new patient specials – get in touch with our Garden Grove Dentists today.

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