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Can Pregnancy Lead to Dental Problems?

These days, when many couples want children they try to have them as close together as possible. It makes sense, right? Get the tough toddler years out of the way as soon as possible and never look back. Sounds like a perfect plan (until they grow up too fast).

But what many young moms don’t realize is that pregnancy demands quite a lot from your body – and that can lead to some specific dental problems.  The good news is that you’re much less likely to experience dental problems in pregnancy if you’re already taking good care of your teeth when you get pregnant. Pregnancy should never be thought of as an excuse for your teeth to go bad! Because with proper care and regular dental checkups during your pregnancy – your teeth will be just fine.

With that said, pregnancy can lead to increased gum disease and tooth decay due to changes in hormones and the way they can influence the plaque in your mouth – which directly affects cavities.

Other problems our dentists in Garden Grove encounter with pregnant patients include:

  • Gingivitis: Gingivitis is run of the mill gum inflammation – and one of the most common afflictions on the planet. It’s most likely to happen in your second trimester in the form of gum swelling and bleeding (especially during flossing).
  • Periodontal disease: this is next level gum disease, and occurs when gingivitis goes untreated. It can lead to tooth loss and blood infection  and should be taken care of as soon as possible. This is incredibly important – since this is where the problem moves beyond your teeth and you risk hurting your baby.

And what about when baby finally arrives? Well – then if you’re a patient in the Garden Grove area – just schedule an appointment when your brand new baby gets their first tooth.

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