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4 Foods that Will Give You a Whiter Smile


Our Anaheim dentists have said it before and they’ll say it again: one of the fastest ways to get a boost of dental confidence (and a great boost of confidence overall) is to get whiter teeth.

And while you might be thinking: “Is it really that easy? Just get whiter teeth?” The reality is that white teeth don’t need to be that hard to attain. Naturally, there are plenty of over the counter solutions (discussed in our blog post: Why Our Dentists in Garden Grove Frequently Recommend In-Office Whitning) and in-office whitening can make a very big difference, very quickly for just about any dental patient.

But many patients wonder – “what can I do without whitening?” And that’s where your diet comes in. Naturally keeping your teeth whiter often starts with diet – and by avoiding the most prevalent sources of stains like coffee, tea, and wine.

But what can you eat to actually help your teeth get whiter? Read on to learn.


While berries often get a bad rep for contributing to stains on your teeth – it’s been shown that the ascorbic acid inside strawberries can actually have the opposite effect, and can instead help with brightening. They are also packed with substances that suppress bacterial growth and help your teeth in the long-run. But you still need to brush after enjoying them.



You’ve heard the old saying – “n apple a day keeps the dentist away” and while our dentists in the Garden Grove area try our hardest to ensure our patients want to see us, apples can help ensure your teeth stay fresh and clean. This is because the malic acid in most apples can actually absorb some of the surface stains on your teeth.


Salmon (and some other fish) are an incredible source of phosphorus – which helps re-build your dental enamel. This helps keep your teeth white because enamel that’s healthy helps your teeth look their whitest by keeping the darker dentin at the core of your tooth from showing through. Enamel decay is actually one of the primary root causes of teeth that begin to appear more yellow. Experiencing that? Eat some fish!



When spinach is stuck in your teeth – it definitely doesn’t help them appear whiter. But, eating dark leafy greens like kale and spinach can easily help you increase the stores of magnesium in your body – which (like the phosphorous in Salmon) helps protect and harden your enamel.




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