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Will my Sensitive Teeth Go Away?

Teeth hurt? If you've ever searched for a home remedy - you might have seen one on our list. Learn today which are *actually* recommended by dentists.








When was the last time you were uncomfortable? Hopefully, it wasn’t in the dentist’s chair (because our Anaheim area dentists try our hardest to make sure every patient is comfortable!)

Nobody likes being uncomfortable. And when it comes to your teeth – the feeling of discomfort can be particularly bothersome, especially if you don’t have dental insurance, because then you worry, and worry, and worry that something is wrong.

One source of discomfort for hundreds of thousands of people around the world is dental sensitivity. But while we dental sensitivity is a common and (oftentimes) relatively minor problem – it can still be pretty annoying.

Dental sensitivity most frequently occurs when your teeth come into contact with specific substances or environmental factors (like cold or heat). If this sounds familiar to you, you shouldn’t feel alone – it’s estimated that over 40 million adults have some form of dental sensitivity. When it rears its ugly head – the sensation is typically a sharp, sudden, and short-lived feeling that’s very hard to ignore. For some, cold is the biggest culprit. For others, it’s heat, sugar, or acidic foods. But more often than not – cold is most commonly the leading instigator.

How does it happen?

Dental sensitivity can happen to anyone – and there’s really not one group that experiences it more than others (unless you count nailbiters). When your teeth are healthy – a thin but strong layer of enamel covers and protects a sensitive under-layer called dentin. Dentin is softer than enamel and contains tiny microscopic tubes that lead directly to the heart of your tooth (the pulp) which consists of many little nerve endings.

When the dentin gets thin or worn away – heat, cold, sugar, and acids can work their way into the tooth, rubbing up against nerve endings and giving you a bit of a jolt.   This can come about for a number of reasons ranging from bruxism and gum recession to plaque, strong whitening products, plaque build-up and more.

So, does it go away? 

What many patients wonder is – will it stop? And that all depends.  Sensitive teeth won’t ever completely disappear because it’s incredibly hard to completely regenerate your dentin. But there are steps you can take to make sensitivity less severe. If you have sensitive teeth, try the following:

  • Use a soft toothbrush
  • Try tooth paste made for sensitive teeth
  • Manage stress so you don’t grind your teeth at night – or, if necessary – get a nightguard.
  • Avoid foods that are high in acid
  • Avoid mouthwash with alcohol

Are your teeth sensitive? Our dentists near fountain valley can help keep you comfortable. Get in touch today to schedule a consult and learn how we help our patients with sensitive teeth.


Spring Clean Your Oral Hygiene Routine


Spring is here – and you know what that means. Spring Cleaning!

According to Wikipedia – the origins of spring cleaning are a little bit hazy, but historians think the tradition came from the Iranian new year – Nowruz, which always falls on the first day of spring. On this day, Iranians continue the Persian practice of “khooneh tekouni” which translates literally to “shaking out the house” – where EVERYTHING in the house is thoroughly cleaned.  Other sources say that the origins of spring cleaning come from the ancient Hebrew practice of completely cleaning out the home to prepare for Passover (which happens in spring).  During Passover, strict Jews refrain from eating anything “leavened” – or fermented with yeast. So the tradition of cleaning out the house is literally practiced to remove every possible crumb before the holiday begins.

What does this have to do with teeth you might ask?  

Well, more than you might think. Just like households across the country feel compelled to clean house – so do our dentists in Garden Grove. But our version of spring cleaning takes a little bit of a different approach. That is, it’s a perfect time to encourage patients of every kind to take full-stock of their dental hygiene routine. Clean everything out for the first time. That means taking a real honest moment to think about how you’re brushing your teeth, how you’re flossing, and how you’re eating.

These are all factors that go into how healthy your mouth is, how fresh your breath is, and how white your teeth are.

Are you doing a little spring cleaning this year? Why not use the time of year as a reminder to really consider the cleanliness of your dental routine – and while you’re at it, why not consider the literal cleanliness of your toothbrush? Is it time for a replacement? (Hint: If you’re not sure, it probably is). 

Need help cleaning out your mouth? Our dentists near the Anaheim area know how to help. We’ve seen it all – whether you need advice or a good professional cleaning to clear out the plaque that could contribute to cavities and decay, we can help. 

Contact us today to learn about our dental practice in Garden Grove, as well as any new patient specials we may be running at the time.


Is Whitening Bad For Your Teeth?: Our Garden Grove Dentists Weigh In










Have you ever considered whitening your teeth? We’ve covered in-office teeth whitening before, but we haven’t talked about the risks involved with teeth whitening in a while.

While teeth whitening has become an almost guaranteed way to get a pretty quick confidence boost and a brighter, whiter smile – what many patients wonder is – “is teeth whitening safe?” Fortunately, we’ve provided teeth whitening in the Anaheim area for years.  If you need an expert – turn to Primary Dental Care.

After all – since when is the “quickest” method to getting what you want the safest? In so many other cases – the shortcut is often the “dangerous” way, like when it comes to diet pills or muscle implants. But fortunately for most dental patients – teeth whitening is quite a bit different.

But, there are still some risks for some patients. Today ourAnaheim area dentists are going to tell you all about them 

If you’re considering whitening your teeth – the first thing you should do is have a chat with your dentist. Yes – even if you’re trying over the counter teeth bleaching products.

This is because teeth whitening can come with some risks. Are your teeth sensitive now? If you’re not sure – they probably aren’t. Otherwise, the most obvious symptom you would experience would be a particular sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink. If your teeth are already sensitive, teeth whitening without your dentist’s expert care could be a mistake that leads to even greater sensitivity. Or, if you don’t’ have sensitive teeth – overdoing it with whitening could be a good way to make them much more sensitive than you’re used to.

The reason dentists recommend a visit before deciding on whitening is that sensitivity and even damage to your roots can occur if you’re not careful. But, your dentist can also customize your whitening treatment to your teeth. Which makes the visit all the more worthwhile. In most cases – even patients with minor dental sensitivity can get their teeth bleached, all it takes is a strategic plan that takes into account your individual needs.