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Is Flossing with a Flosser Pick Enough?

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We get it. Flossing is hard.  And for some reason, it’s not always a big part of every patient’s oral hygiene routine. Whether that’s because patients generally start flossing at an older age – or flossing is just a little more time consuming and tricky than standard brushing, nobody knows. But the fact still stands: people don’t floss nearly as much as they brush. If they could, our dentists in Anaheim will be the first to try and tell as many patients as we can to start flossing. Or, as the saying goes: floss the teeth you want to keep.

But because flossing is so frequently seen as something that’s difficult to do, one product that’s come to market (and become pretty popular) are the dental flossing picks – which can go a long way when it comes to helping patients who need a bit of a hand when it comes to flossing. But are they as good as flossing? Not quite. Let’s take a look…

They don’t give you the same feedback

Unlike a good string of dental floss, a floss pick doesn’t really give you good feedback when it comes down to what you’re doing. Flossing consciously – which means really being careful and noticing colors, smells, and sensations that come about while flossing. The thing about floss picks is that you don’t have a clean section to use for each quadrant of your mouth and you can’t feel as much while you’re doing it either.

They aren’t as comprehensive

Floss picks simply can’t get around your teeth like a flexible strand of dental floss can. While the pick portion of the floss makes it easier to use and, frankly, better than nothing – it’s still not as thorough as real floss. So if you like floss picks for their convenience – keep them, but don’t throw out your box of floss either.

Single-use plastic is bad

Like water bottles and so many other wasteful products, it’s hard to argue that single-use plastics aren’t a problem for the environment. Not only are they not recyclable, but they are manufactured to be used once. You don’t have to be a big environmentalist to appreciate the fact that it’s an amount of waste that we should rather avoid. What better way to make a positive change than by improving your dental habits?

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