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Whiten Your Teeth The Natural Way, With Food!


If there’s one thing our dentists in the Anaheim area help patients with frequently, it’s their self-esteem. Teeth are one of the first things we notice in one another, and with so much that can happen in a lifetime – there are far too many people out there who aren’t happy with their teeth. But there is something you can do to dial back the years of hard living or poor dental care: you can whiten your teeth.

Even if more major dental restorations aren’t required (or available), whitening your teeth can be a fantastic way to boost your confidence quickly and safely. From patients who simply developed yellowing teeth – to those who have stained teeth from smoking or other lifestyle choices, it can be quite amazing to see how much better your teeth can look with one or two simple in-office whitening treatments.

But sometimes you don’t need to get a whitening treatment at your dentist’s office to get whiter teeth.  Did you know you can get on the road to whiter teeth by eating certain foods (and avoiding others)?

Broccoli: Fresh, uncooked broccoli works as nature’s toothbrush – as the crispy green florets gently scrape and clean your teeth as you chomp. On top of this, their high iron content helps coat your enamel to protect against stains and erosion.

Carrots: like broccoli, crunch carrots have a gentle but abrasive surface that stains have a hard time standing up to. By snacking on a raw carrot – you can effectively help prevent stains, cavity, and decay all at once. Don’t forget to brush though.

Cheese: It might not always be great for your waistline, but the tough surface on cheeses like gouda can help prevent stains that are created by the build-up of microscopic food particles.

Bonus: Stevia 

Stevia is a sugar alternative that’s derived from a plant. Typically, artificial sweeteners aren’t very popular in the healthcare community – but stevia is a little different. Stevia is actually the healthiest option when it comes to sweeteners, but it’s also highly alkaline. This means that it helps prevent plaque from forming on your teeth by contributing to the neutralization of acids.



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