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Does My Tooth Need to Be Removed?


One of the most important aspects of keeping all of your teeth, is making sure you treat each tooth with care individually. This is one of the key reasons why our dentists in the Anaheim area are so adamant about patients brushing their teeth carefully and consciously.

Why? Because when one tooth is neglected for long enough to cause problems – it can cause problems for the rest of your teeth. And if a tooth falls out and isn’t treated – it can lead to further problems down the road like alignment and wear issues.

The most important thing to keep in mind is this: just like the average dental patient doesn’t want to remove a tooth – your dentist generally doesn’t want to either. This is because your biological tooth is always stronger than an artificial replacement. Unless it’s really not, which can sometimes mean that you need to get it replaced.

The ADA (and the dentists in our Anaheim area dental office) often suggest that teeth get surgically removed due to various reasons ranging from crowding and genetics to disease and trauma.

In some cases – when a tooth simply can’t be repaired with crowns or fillings due to damage or decay – they might need to be extracted. On top of this, when teeth lose valuable bone density they also run the risk of breakage or damage.  Finally, teeth that have been impacted by decay and infection are also ripe candidates for removal due to the way infection will spread and lead to further health issues.

Do you have a tooth that might need to be extracted?  Our dentists in Garden Grove have years of experience helping patients from all backgrounds get healthier teeth and happier lives. To learn more about new patient specials and our practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 



Can You Convince Your Dentist You Floss Every Day?


You might hear about some people who claim to never floss, visit the dentist, and still get a squeaky clean bill of dental health. They walk away thinking they’ve fooled the dentist into thinking they actually floss. This is despite all of the advice you’ve heard and – if you’re a patient – that you’ve (hopefully) been convinced of by our Anaheim area dentists.

The thing is, everyone’s teeth are different.

In some cases, diligent brushing, rinsing, a healthy diet, and maybe even a little extra luck from the genetic lottery might mean that some people can get away with slacking off when it comes to flossing. On top of that, being healthy, young, and living a life that cuts out as much inflammation as possible can also help give your gums the extra boost they need to stay healthy – even in the presence of some abuse.


But a lifetime of no-flossing is never a good thing. And you likely won’t “get away” with not flossing forever.

Even if someone slacks off on flossing by getting lucky (or being diligent) with their brushing routine – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not doing any damage to their teeth. This is because the side-effects of not flossing don’t exactly show up right away. Think about it this way – if you’ve ever had a workout habit, you’ll know that you don’t lose your muscles the minute you break routine. It takes time. But after not working out for months – you’ll definitely start feeling the difference.

It’s been proven that flossing is good for your teeth. So why not add an extra layer protection and keep your healthy teeth around for that much longer?

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