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A Guide to Easter Candy By Your Dentists in Garden Grove


Every year, the holidays fill families everywhere with joy (and sometimes dread) but they can also lead to plenty of questions from concerned parents about the kind of damage that certain festive treats can do to our teeth.

So today, with Easter just around the corner – our dentists in Garden Grove have put together a brief guide to Easter candy.

But if you don’t read one more word, the biggest takeaway is this: there’s a ton of junk out there. So just be careful with your teeth and carefully consider what you put in your mouth.

But don’t let this worry you – or reduce the amount of fun your family has on the holidays. There are still plenty of ways to moderate candy and make sure everyone in the family is as healthy as possible.

Easter Candies to Avoid

  • Candy that’s sticky:  When candy is sticky, it’s bad for your teeth. That’s pretty much all there is to it. When sticky candy sticks to your teeth, that means sugar ticks around. It also means bacteria and decay are just around the corner.
  • Gummies: Gummy candies tend to be the most acidic candies. Acid also contributes to decay.
  • Candy that’s in it for the long haul:  Ever had a jawbreaker? Consider them a dentist’s worst nightmare. A ton of sugar, popped in your mouth (many times against a few single teeth) for minutes or even hours at a time. Terrible. Just terrible. If you want to do your teeth a favor, avoid candies that are built to last.

Instead, choose dark chocolates, home-made goods (with safer sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia), and chocolates with nuts – due to the way nuts can help reduce how sticky the candy is.

Some tips so you can have your candy, and keep your teeth too!

Drink lots of water when you eat candy: When you drink water, it helps by neutralizing some of the acid that gets produced when bacteria feeds on sugar and debris. It also helps wash away some of the remaining sugary debris.

Whatever you do, try not to snack all day: When you eat a lot of candy  – it’s bad for your teeth. But it’s always better to gorge on candy for one day than to spread your candy consumption out over multiple days. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it’s really not. When it comes to exposing your teeth to danger, try to minimize the exposure time as much as possible.

Don’t brush right away: When you eat anything that produces acid – it stays on your teeth for a while. Brushing your teeth right away can rub that acid into your teeth – which won’t help. Just wait about 30 minutes before brushing and you’ll be fine. 

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