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Ever Wondered Where Dental Crowns Came From?


When it comes to fixing your teeth – you have technology on your side. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to approach any problems that can arise with your teeth – and dental technology has come a seriously long way.

Consider dental crowns for instance – if you aren’t sure what a dental crown is, it’s a specific type of cosmetic dentistry restoration that your dentist uses to protect teeth for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they’ve had a root canal procedure. Other times, a dental crown might be used because you have a large dental filling – leaving your tooth vulnerable, and needing extra support. And in more traumatic cases – your tooth might sustain some damage that may make a dental crown the most appropriate option to protect it from further damage and decay. Bottom line: dental crowns are used to protect your teeth, make them last longer, and prevent the spread of damage in the future. Think of them as a suit of armor for your teeth (that look exactly like your original teeth).

Crowns are typically made of porcelain, gold, or a combination of metal and porcelain – which are often blended together to balance cost and aesthetics.

In olden times – dental crowns were much simpler, and it was a lot harder to match the shape and color of your existing teeth. This could make crowns look a little jarring. Today, dental patients are fortunate to have modern technology at their disposal, which makes dental crowns less expensive and much more effective (and attractive).  In most cases, it takes our dentists in the Anaheim area 2 appointments to fit your tooth (or teeth) with a crown.

But where did crowns come from?

If you thought dental crowns were a relatively recent invention – you’d be wrong. Etruscans were actually some of the first to use what we now call dental crowns. However, theirs were made of materials ranging from gold and ivory to bone and even human teeth.

The amazing thing is that these dental crowns continued to get used into the 19th century! That’s only 118 years ago.  The great thing, is that these gave way to porcelain dentures being invented – as well as porcelain crowns. And as technology got better and better – dentists around the world started experimenting with different materials to make them last longer and be stronger. Today – they rival the strength of natural teeth. Which is pretty amazing.



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