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With a Dental Bridge – You Have History On Your Side

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A typical dental bridge.

Every year our dentists in the Anaheim area install countless dental bridges for patients from all walks of life. The thing about a dental bridge, is that it can function very much like your natural teeth, while offering enough strength to suit your day to day life (with a little bit of extra care thrown in – especially depending on where the tooth is located in your mouth), and they look almost exactly like a natural tooth.

Like dental crowns, dental bridges are a type of cosmetic restoration that can be prepared and fitted to your teeth to replace missing teeth. Unlike crowns, bridges aren’t used to cover existing teeth – but are used to completely replace teeth that have gone missing. With a dental bridge, teeth on either side of the gap created by missing teeth are used to support the bridge.

Dental bridges have become a popular and important piece of dental technology due to the fact that they’re relatively inexpensive and very effective – which is great, because it’s really important to make sure that if you do lose a tooth that it gets replaced. Otherwise, the other teeth can begin to crowd, move around, and otherwise fall out of place – which can lead to some pretty serious bite and alignment problems.

Sometimes, patients can be a little uncertain of dental bridges and whether or not they can trust them to last – while delivering comfort and the usefulness they came to expect from their natural teeth. For those patients – our dentists often remind them that dental bridges have come an incredibly long way since they were invented.

While dental bridges were used in early America and by such civilizations as the ancient Egyptians – historians often think that they came from as far back as the ancient Etruscans, who were settled around Tuscany in what is now present-day Italy over 2500 years ago.

The funny thing – however – is that the Etruscans didn’t really use bridges to replace missing teeth. Instead (like many hip hop artists today), they used bridges as a status symbol. many women would even wear gold bridges to show off how wealthy they were.   Even still, they pioneered the way dental bridges were made and installed – making way for dental bridges of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries which were used to replace teeth.

This simply goes to show that dental bridges have come a very long way. From the way they are designed to the way they are colored and installed. There’s a reason bridges have remained a staple in cosmetic dentistry.

Are you missing teeth, or do you have a tooth that might need to be removed? Our dentists in Garden Grove are some of the best cosmetic dentists around. If you have questions about your options or you simply need some answers – we’re here to help.


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