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3 Simple Strategies for Avoiding Cavities

A great many people live their lives nervous about going to the dentist because they’re nervous about getting cavities. What they need to remember is that you don’t get cavities at the dentist….it’s just where you find out about them. And if you’re only finding out about your cavities when you go to the dentist – you’re fighting a losing battle.

Ideally, you’re finding out about cavities or other potential problems early. Either by discovering them through your immaculate care or our Garden Grove dentists discovering them long before they become a serious problem.

3 Simple Strategies for Avoiding Cavities

First: Start at Home 

Avoiding cavities starts at home with proper care. That means daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing to prevent tooth decay. In doing so, you give your teeth a leg-up in their constant battle against the bacteria that creates acid and eats away at your dental enamel.

Then….In the Kitchen

But protecting your teeth doesn’t just happen at the bathroom vanity. It happens in the kitchen, the break-room, and on the road. With your diet. A healthy diet will help keep your teeth healthy. Period. That means minimizing things like sweets  and getting all of the vitamins and minerals your body (and your teeth) need.  Need help with your diet? Read our recent post about How Your Diet Could Be Affecting Your Teeth

Next, Take it to your Dentist’s Office

There are some things your dentist can see that nobody else can. More often than not, if you have a cavity brewing that you can’t even feel yet – your dentist will find it at your next exam. That’s why keeping your appointments with your dentist is incredibly important. Even if you don’t have dental insurance – prevention pays. 

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