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3 More Conditions Your Teeth Can’t Hide from Your Dentist


A few days ago, we blogged about how dentists (like ours here in the Anaheim area) are trained to understand your teeth. So naturally, it’s rather simple to understand a great deal about a patient by looking at their teeth. In fact, as we discussed, your teeth can provide important signals to conditions as serious as kidney failure or diabetes.

But that’s not all. You might actually be surprised by the sheer number of “conditions” your teeth can shed light into. Read on and let our Anaheim area dentists explain.


If you’re already pregnant, be sure to take extra good care of your teeth  – because almost 40% of pregnant women develop some form of gum disease during pregnancy due to increases in hormones that facilitate the growth of new bacteria. Unfortunately, this also can trigger gingivitis.

It should be mentioned however, that most women will generally be further along in the pregnancy before their gums are affected enough to start bleeding. That said, it’s likely your dentist won’t be breaking the news to you that you’re pregnant. But – it’s worth knowing that pregnant women should be extra careful when it comes to their dental hygiene.

Vitamin Deficiency

A lack of proper vitamins and minerals can make itself known in a number of rays – many of them in your mouth. They range from increased infections, bleeding gums, delayed healing, and ‘burning tongue syndrome’. Sometimes, iron sores can cause patients to get some pretty significant sores in their mouths – but every patient is different. Fortunately, your dentist can help you spot and correct any issues you may have.

Eating Disorders

Sometimes, patients are surprised when their dentist of all people is the first to delicately ask them if they have a strained relationship with food. What some might not realize is that conditions like bulimia create a very specific wear pattern on teeth – which makes some eating disorders easy to identify. If you do suffer from conditions like these, you can be at risk for increased cavities due to enamel erosion from acid.


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