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What Your Dentist Can Tell About You Right When You Open Your Mouth

You would be surprised by what our dentists here in Garden Grove could tell you about your life and your body by taking a look at your teeth.

It’s true – after only being in the dentist’s chair for a few minutes, you can give your dentist a pretty great snapshot of what your life is like and what your life has been like.

It’s no surprise that archaeologists and detectives alike use teeth to learn more about the historical figure or criminal at hand. So, of course, there’s too much to cover in a single blog post – but we’ll start with something familiar: you, sitting in the dentist’s chair. That’s right…

1. Your dentist can tell you flossed with before your appointment

If you’re someone that doesn’t always floss your teeth, you might be wondering – does my dentist know that I just flossed for the first time in a while before my cleaning appointment? Yup. We definitely do.

Even flossing the night before your appointment won’t convince anyone but a blind dentist that you floss daily – or even every other day. And you don’t want a blind dentist. If you only floss every once in a while your gums will look damaged, inflamed.

Gums that are healthy are tight, supple, and pink. But more often than not, patients that don’t floss all that often frequently exhibit tiny little “slices” where they really went after their teeth too hard to make up for lost time.

2. Your dentist can tell you’re a nailbiter

Your dentist doesn’t even really have to look at your fingers to understand that you’re a nailbiter. This often manifests as general wear and tear on your teeth – or even chips and cracks. The constant stress on your teeth can even lead to jaw pain and discomfort.

3. Bad Breath Could be the Sign of Something More

Within moments, your dentist may even be able to understand even more about what’s going on inside your mouth by the smell of your breath. If you have bad breath – clinically known as halitosis – it could come from a number of courses.  Your dentist has received training on identifying what certain smells “mean” with fruity smelling breath – for instance, meaning a problem like unchecked diabetes, or fishy smelling breath potentially being a signal of a kidney problem. Fouler smells could be from infections. And of course – bad breath could just mean that you need to step up your “sink game”.

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